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  1. I am in north raleigh. So i am not far away. I am having trouble figuring out why i dont have a tach signal going to the MS board.
  2. Is it rusted bad anywhere? Does it have any surface rust on the inside of tank?
  3. Hey Guys, I am looking for a 77-78 280z gas tank. One of the previous owners most likely tried to coat the gas tank and didn’t clean it out right. Once its coated its hell to come off. Anyone in Z land has one in decent shape? Thanks Jr. [flames_187]
  4. flames_187


    classic! i showed the 50% to an older guy(60's) and he said and i quote: "I dont get it, is he going to steal his shirt?" that made my day...
  5. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=114567&highlight=engineer this is about a 4 year old thread but pretty much on the same lines...tons of people chimed in on this thread...its actually one of the reasons i went on to get my MBA
  6. put them in the barn to take care of your rodent problem for good!
  7. the mech egr degree alone will not get you into the doors...i tired a number of times to get an internship at Honda’s Ohio facilities and actually got a phone interview but did not get the position. I tired for about three years and finally gave up on it and looked into different industries. Its hard to tell what they are looking for. At the time I had about 3 mechanical internships/jobs on my resume and a decent GPA. The only think I could think of was they wanted someone focused in automotive engineering. With that being said…I would go for the mechanical engineering degree and while you’re doing that try and get into a established race shop/team as like an apprentice. I think that was the piece I missed… I did do SAE stuff but nothing major… Another thing…I would suggest you not limit yourself to only the automotive industry… With a mechanical engineering degree you can branch off into many fields easily that you can make good money in and enjoy… I ended up in the glass industry J my life is like the show “How its Made” with a little bit of “Dirty Jobs”
  8. i should be able to get my z tuned in time... i dont even get on my car hard...cops are pentyful around here...THEY ARE EVERYWHERE...and i still have my NC plates so i am an easy target...
  9. Just a month ago i lived in Wake forest,NC...loved it down there Now i live in Indianapolis, Indiana until my company decides to move me again... Hoping my next stop will be boston or back down to NC...
  10. Just an update: I took my fuel rail off and checked out the injectors..everything seemed to be in order... My idle AFR is still rich (12.2ish) and my on load is still lean(15ish) but i should be able to tune it better... I did have to change my spark plugs because i fouled them throughout the process...
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