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  1. Hmm, this might be a stupid question but could the CAN/AM box be used for a L28ET+VG30ET harness and ECU to 240Z swap too?
  2. Looks good Do the XXR 513 wheels require centering rings on a s30? And what size in that case? I have centered them on my car only with the lug nuts, but I haven't driven the car that much yet so I'm wondering if there will be problems without centering rings.
  3. z-ya, that engine looks great in the S30! Do you have more pics? What kind of engine mounts did you use?
  4. Ok, I read the topic again. Should have read more carefully the first time, sorry So it's normal that the first coils on progressive springs are compressed.
  5. I installed Tokico HP shocks and springs on my stock 240Z -70. They were bought a couple of years ago, and been waiting for this project. The rear (non-progressive) springs are fine, but I have the same situation with the front (progressive) springs as mentioned earlier in this topic. Can I use them or should I buy a set of other springs?
  6. They didn't work, so I'll get a set of tuner lug nuts.
  7. Thanks for the help I went to a local tyrestore and they had only 19mm M12x1.25, so I bought them. I'll test them tomorrow, if they don't work I'll order a set of "tuner" lugnuts. sweetleaf, you speak finnish I live in Turku, southwestern parts of Finland.
  8. What kind of lug nuts should be used with the XXR 513? Would these be ok: http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/WWC01/25-2013 ?
  9. Thank you for the information regarding the brakes Yes, testing both tires would probably be the safest way to know. I'll just have to get the suspension first installed.
  10. I have to ask about the XXR 513 wheels (16x8, 0 offset). Is there any clearance issues with them if I use the Toyota brakecalipers for solid discs on my 240Z? My second question is about the tires. I know this has been discussed a lot, but I didn't manage to find an answer to my question. I have Tokico blues / Tokico springs kit for the car (not installed yet), will I be able to use 225/45/16 tires or would 215/45/16 be better? Before the car was painted I had the fender lips rolled just a little.
  11. Looks good Have you lowered the car, or is it stock height?
  12. http://www2.zhome.com:81/History/ZColorGallary/index.html
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