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  1. God your S130 is so sick What is the f/ on that shot?
  2. 1. Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon 2. Nissan Stagea w/R34 front end: 3. IS300 with a 3.4 stroker and big ass turbo: 4. Acura NSX: 5. Nissan Xterra: 6. Ferrari 330 P3: 7. Z:
  3. I still find it hard to believe that anyone actually turned in an Aston and Bentley...
  4. Hmm never got a notification for this, sorry for the late response. I sat the camera on the window sill and put it on shutter priority for 30 sec, i think. That put the aperture on the HI setting and autofocus sorted the rest out. If you use your apeture setting up in the higher f/ area, the whole picture should be in focus as opposed to a more shallow depth of field that you get with shooting around f/5.6 and under. I guess it then should be easier to focus on buildings at night, but you will only be able to do long exposure shots, so youll need a ledge or tripod. You shouldnt be having problems focusing on them in the day. Hopefully that helps a little:hs: Got done cleaning up this photo in CS4 a few days ago:
  5. I wonder if he is a racecar driver on the weekends. That was an epic drift!
  6. IS300! Super reliable, great fun to drive, very good crash rating, and they can now be had easily under $10k. I've had mine for 5 years and I have had ZERO problems. Honestly. Though if you do get one, use the W55 (which is the stock manual trans), people on the IS forums frequently say the W58's gearing doesnt work with the IS, unless you change out the rear diff Or a Volvo 850 turbo. Definitely a wolf in sheeps clothing. Im picking one up after im done with college for a DD, you can get a good example for under $5k. They are also incredibly reliable, some dont like the styling (I love boxy Volvos) but its a handsome car, not too bad to drive (iPd makes alot of great upgrades for it) and, its a Volvo, so you know its built like a tank if you were to ever get in a wreck
  7. You can get it on a torrent, I dont think it was released in the US. Ive watched it, I thought it was a good movie/docu
  8. Mines not too bad, poor prep job from who ever painted it before I got it, so you can see scratches and cracks under the clear coat, but its a good 10-footer. And, like a lot of other people, metal was just welded over the rusty floorboard instead of cutting it out and repairing it
  9. Ive been having the same dilemma with my IS, I'll trade you cars IMO if you feel like you've gone as far as you'll go with the car, I'd say sell it, get settled in life then go do that cross country drive in a new 240Z project car
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