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  1. is there any difference between l28e and l28et internally? i happen to have l28et but turbo is out and manifold are crack and no wiring . Can i just install carb instead and use the engine?
  2. Will the regular strut bar for 73 240z clear L28et engine in it?
  3. ussbhr

    no power

    hi i have a 240z with l28et engine is stock , i only have intake and exhaust for mod i have a one Gal surge tank with the old 240z gas tank i m thinking the car still not getting enough fuel cuz dont feel power when throttle wide open in 5 th gear .. i m running stock ECu and 8 psi am i right or something else
  4. i am able to access some 100 octane low lead AVgas for piston engine aircraft i m thinking can it be mix with gasoline to use for getting more power out of the car?
  5. do u guys change proportion valve when doing rear disc convertion on 240? if so which one?
  6. hi i have 73 240z with L28et convertion i haven't the car for 3 months so i jump start it this moring .it fire right up but as soon as i disconnect the jumper the car dies.so i went out got a new alternator,however it still do the same thing. may be i shud get a new battery too? i check my wiring and its correct so dont really know what to do next pls help
  7. ussbhr

    no brakes

    i searched the forum i just want more opinion tks for the input
  8. ussbhr

    no brakes

    i m pretty sure there isn't leak anywhere and the Mc brand new i can still feel a little pressure from the pedal with the engine turn off i m about to change the booster....
  9. i got 73 240z i swap to toyota 4x4 caliper for the front and rear disc convertion and swap to 82 zx MC after all the installation and bleed the brake , no air present however the brake is very weak and once turn on the engine ,it wont feel like any feed back at all may be the booster went bad or i just install everything wrong?
  10. Great info however is it the same as for 1981 280 zxt? tks
  11. tks i did search quite awhile. i was just making sure....
  12. so any s12-8 caliper from toyota will fit on a 240Z with solid disc??
  13. pls count me in will pay instant via check paypal whatever u want i have 73z so whatever u think i will need for the swap just put them on the price thank you very much POC octanepower@hotmail.com or shumk@lhd6.navy.mil
  14. hi this is my first time have an old car like this manual steering is fine to me but the turning radius is just sucks i m thinking may be those later Z has better radius so i can just try to fit into my 73z , u guys think so ?
  15. ussbhr

    1/4 mile L28et

    anyone like to post their detailed engine spec on l28et and their quarter mile time?