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  1. Walbro had a E85 rated 255 available some time ago but it's been years since I looked into it.
  2. Sparky

    240Z Turbo

    My 1972 Datsun 240Z for sale.
  3. Ah ok, your fairly central, depending on what you're after there are a few places around. I'd recommend zitos for lunch and betos for dinner. Chester's has good burgers, tons of beer and a few big screens....all are near broadway and 410. Alamo draft house is right off of blanco and 410, dave and busters is located around 410 and 10. Flying saucer is way up on 10 at huebner, lion and the rose is near blanco and 410. If you have golf clubs there is a driving range on San Pedro and basse...they also have loner clubs. Now that I think about it I mostly know of where to eat and drink and not much else!
  4. 410 and where? 10,35 or 281? It's only 2 million people but everything is fairly spread out.
  5. Yupp, there are no back registration fees in Texas. Also, you should insure the car through ANPAC chrome, they have Work in progress coverage for parts, cars,tools etc.
  6. Looking good! Are you sticking with su's?
  7. I'm still hanging in there Joel! I finished school (architecture), found a job (barely) and became obsessed with old BMW's! I drive the zed sled to work now and then but still only manage to put a few hundred miles a year on it. I basically upgrade a few small things when I have the time while trying to decide what the next major step is...I'm going on 14 years with this car so I'm not sure if i can ever let it go!
  8. Photos a few years old and I really would like to paint it back to the original 113 green but for now it'll stay orange. Indeed by Essem.W, on Flickr
  9. Huh, shouldn't be let me clear some stuff out. When I get home. Basically looking for 70 plus shipping obo for the bare head. I'll send you something when my box is clean.
  10. I have a bare p90 I'd let go of, send me a pm.
  11. Wish I could remember exactly what it was with hagarty, this was a year and a half ago so I don't really remember. I had policies from hagerty, Grundy, American collectors, Usaa, anpac and one other and anpac won out. I believe that hagerty had a problem with my storage arrangement, plus the usage wasnt where I wanted to be and it was a good deal pricier as well.
  12. Sparky doing some research I realized you were planning on doing a EZ Wire kit install and somewhere along the lines I heard messaging you is easier. I was wondering if you can guide me for how the ignition/coil/alternator wiring is the accesories i can deal with myself.

    So can you help me out?


  13. I did tons of research last year when I took my 240 off my state farm policy and moved to a specialty policy. I keep my cars in a commercial shop I share with a few friends and there we something in the hagerty policy language that didn't sit well with me. Grundy had some mileage restrictions and seemed really strict via the agent I spoke with and American collectors required the drivers licenses, SS and driving record of anyone that had keys to the shop I was keeping then in including the landlord! I ended up selecting Anpac's CHROME policy whos agent stressed that collector cars should be driven so they are fairly relaxed on some of the mileage rules as well as what the ad could be used for...they told me i could take it to work occasionally. I got a multi car discount plus they insure all my spare parts and my tools for very little money. They do check your credit, so if you've had some trouble may not get the best rate...I belIeve almost all companies do this now though. Either way it pays to really thoroughly check all the language in your policy and request a copy of the exact policy document before signing anything...unlike twenty years or even tens years ago there are plenty of choices out there now.
  14. Those look great! Been eyeing those myself as a replacement for the swats that are on my car now. Maybe one day and can justify the expense of having a set of SSR's made for my car but for now I may spruce I up a bit with the XXR's.
  15. If you come across a set in 4 lug I may be intersted in purchasing just the centers since you won't need them.
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