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  1. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Thanks man, I appreciated the kind words...I've always admired your 280ZX and all the work you put into it and hope to get a good look at it some day! I'm in San Antonio and I have family in Houston and Austin.
  2. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Sale Pending. Thanks everyone for the interest!
  3. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    What are you waiting for? Just buy my car already and stop thinking about it! Thanks! I've really enjoyed working on and driving the Z and I've especially enjoyed the Hybridz community....there's no other place like it on the web. I'm not over the Z bug by any means so I'm sure I'll be able to build another one day for now though it's time to move on to some other projects.
  4. Sparky

    E85 and Walbro 255lph

    Walbro had a E85 rated 255 available some time ago but it's been years since I looked into it.
  5. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Thanks for the kind words! Been driving it around in this cool weather and man is it a blast to drive! I've been fixing and modifying things here and there including installing a new 10# wastegate spring, building a new screamer pipe and powder coating things here and there that are easy to remove, strip and re-coat. Also finally had a chance to clean 'er up and shoot some photos with a real camera. I'll be selling off the spares in the next few weeks with the exception of the sway bars, P90 head and stock components that go with the car...all the other extras will be gone by the time somebody decides to buy it.
  6. Sparky

    240Z Turbo

    My 1972 Datsun 240Z for sale.
  7. Sparky

    S30 Parts - interior - body - misc

    I think I have the drivers side signal but that's it. Center console is long gone, was a series one part. This forsale post is over a year old and all of the above has either been scrapped or sold. No sorry. Probably, but it'd take me so long to find it that it's not worth my time...sorry. Best bet is to hit up a local junkyard...I believe the S130 retaining nut is identical. Thanks for all the interest but at this time I'm out of stock Z parts and nearly out of the Z community. I have some performance parts I'll be listing soon and once all that and my 240Z is sold I'll only have a glove box and steering wheel left that I'll keep for posterity.
  8. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Yes sir runs and drives great, I just know there's a lot more power there with a good tune and some tweaking and wanted to advertise it as such.
  9. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Bump. Been driving it a few times a week tweaking the tune. Still waiting on the pro shots of the engine bay and interior.
  10. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    No. I would consider an older Triumph, BSA, Vincent or BMW plus cash. Preferably 1950-1970, sidecar a bonus.
  11. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Bumpity bump bump. Photo shoot tentatively scheduled for next week!
  12. Sparky

    In San Antonio for work for the week

    Ah ok, your fairly central, depending on what you're after there are a few places around. I'd recommend zitos for lunch and betos for dinner. Chester's has good burgers, tons of beer and a few big screens....all are near broadway and 410. Alamo draft house is right off of blanco and 410, dave and busters is located around 410 and 10. Flying saucer is way up on 10 at huebner, lion and the rose is near blanco and 410. If you have golf clubs there is a driving range on San Pedro and basse...they also have loner clubs. Now that I think about it I mostly know of where to eat and drink and not much else!
  13. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    Thanks y'all, it's been on the back of my mind for a while so I've somewhat accepted that its going to go. Really going to miss it. Good news is that I can really chose its new home since I don't really need to sell it. Oh, I'm sure we can fit it in the back of your truck, either that or you can just rent a u-haul trailer and you can take it home!
  14. Sparky

    In San Antonio for work for the week

    410 and where? 10,35 or 281? It's only 2 million people but everything is fairly spread out.
  15. Sparky

    1972 240Z turbo FS

    I've been delaying this for around a year now, but it's now time to move on. I bought the car in 1999 from a gentlemen doctor in San Antonio that had set it up to Autocross. It came with Koni red struts, Nismo blue springs, ST sway bars, a Sparco Sprint seat and a Schroth harness, it also had both strut tower braces. I drove it like that for several years and Autocrossed it every month during that time. During this time it wore it's original 113 green metallic that was nice enough to win first place 240Z in a local car show. I drove it everyday slowly upgrading things like wheels, brakes, exhaust etc until an electric fan failure caused a chain reaction meltdown of the forward harness. I took it off the road and stripped the car to a bare shell, fixing what rust there was on the car in preparation for new paint. while it was off the road I bought a low mileage F54 block ZX motor and an original CarTech turbo kit. I also bought a ground control coil over kit and the enormous FMIC. I had the car painted and slowly put it back together as time and funds allowed over the next few years, it finally saw the road again in 2005. Here is a list of goodies: Strong L28 F54 NA block tested to 160 PSI +/- on all cylinders and a 2% leakdown on all cylinders. CarTech turbo exhaust manifold RayJay T04B .60/.63 - recently rebuilt with less than 2k miles. Turbonetics deltagate mark II wastegate, vented to atmosphere. 3" mandrel bent downpipe. 3" exhaust with magnaflow straight through muffler. Haltech E6X ECU triggered by 280ZX turbo distributor w/ a z31 trigger wheel Magnecor race wires Innovate Lc1 wideband controller Modified 240Z tank with BRAD RB designed sump - dual -8 fittings off of back Tank has been boiled and coated for use with E85 Earl's sintered bronze prefilter Walbro 250LPH pump (custom alluminum swirl pot is under car for future use) anodized -8 aluminum fuel line with AN compression fittings throughout Canton Meca anodized billet filter housing -8 deadheaded Aeromotive boost regulated ( 1:1 ) FPR Pallnet o-ring fuel rail 550CC lucas low impedance injectors early non-egr intake mainfold - shaved throttle cable control rather than rods KA24 60mm thottle body GFB Dual BOV 2.25" steel mandrel bent intercooler piping Garret FMIC 3" mandrel bent intake with generic filter - intake has -8 fitting welded onto it for future oil separation system - currently it just pulls vacuum from the crankcase. wiring is completely new throughout - EZ wiring 21 circuit block with additional circuits added for supplemental systems. Odyessy PC680 battery mounted under passenger seat. Glovebox door signed by Mr. K Crack free dash Revolution stepper motor EL gauges: speedometer 8k tacho boost gauge wideband 02 gauge fuel gauge water temp gauge oil pressure gauge Each gauge has a settable high/low warning light and output built into it. 3rd gen RX7 seats Schroth Autocontrol II harnesses custom suede/leather doorpanels with orange marine grade stitching matching shift boot and e-brake boot All new u-joints throughout S14 5 speed tranmission custom shortened driveshaft R200 rear end new e-brake cables stock rear brakes stainless steel brake lines toyota 4 piston front brakes new bearings throughout Spares: R180 3:36 diff Rear glass Partial NOS kit RT diff mount urethane bushing kit fresh P90 head Spare F54 block original block RT R200 finned diff adapter the bad: Car has a few dings and paint chips paint and body work is nice, but not perfect The tune could use some work - I've been tuning it myself a little bit at a time but it really needs a expert valve stem seals and guides are bad, but that's what the fresh P90 head is for. I bought matching paint for the engine bay but I haven't got around to painting the engine bay yet. the seats need to be recovered, the passenger side is fine and could be dyed, the drivers side bolster has a hole in it and needs to be repaired. Asking 10k firm, while not a perfect specimen, it's a great strong runner with tons of good parts and most of the hard work done already. I'm not in a hurry to sell, so please no low ball offers. I'll be doing a photoshoot next week but in the mean time I've attached a few photos I've taken over the years. Next time i take it to work ill make a cold start video and upload it. I only drive it around 500 miles a year so not much has changed on the exterior...I spend most of my time under the hood making small changes. Feel free to message me here, email to sparky240zt at yahoo or call at (two one 0) two seven three - 21 forty five