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  1. Cool. Happy it was successful for another Z owner. Im still loving he operation of mine. No more jiggling or multiple strokes to get a turn signal.
  2. The OEM GSXR mirrors work great. Visibility is awesome. No more fighting to see in small, short, cheap mirrors. Thank you Suzuki for designing a great Z-mirror.
  3. I have a great solution for covering the open holes created by the addition of adjustable camber plates to the rear suspension. 3”, Black, rubber, pipe caps do the trick. eliminates road noise and keeps burnout smoke on the exterior of the car.
  4. I wanted to add one more gauge and didn’t want to add pillar pods. This option works great and does not require cutting or drilling into factory parts.
  5. $1500, shipped in about 4 days. They will send a link that allows you to pay with a debit/credit card.
  6. http://www.ezpowersteering.nl/ The electric power steering from this company works great in a 1976 280Z. Direct swap with zero modifications required. Highly recommended. D374F924-A3A4-481A-B580-46EF26E66686.MOV
  7. Auto Zone Speedi-Boot! 03670 is a perfect fit on a 1976 280Z steering rack. Cut one step off of the big end and you are good to go. Use a wire tie on the big end, but keep it off of the little end. This allows inner tie-rod adjustment without twisting the boot. Allow the boot small end to cover the threads of the inner tie-rod. see images of full turn condition
  8. It's simply a thin piece of steel. Cut the shape and drill the holes you need for the switch and the screws. My switch is still going strong; no issues. Good luck.
  9. Ill be there as a 'cruise in' car. Saving $35 this year. Thinking about racing Friday night before ZAttack? Music City Raceway will be open for Friday night drags. The cars will look better with some rubber on the rear quarter panels.
  10. The products work great to restore our 40+ year old plastic pieces. The texture coating produces a nice look while hiding some of the imperfections and missing plastic chrome coating. Sand smooth, plastic prep cleaner, plastic primer, SEM 39853 texture, then SEM 39033 color coat (charcoal metallic). Works great.
  11. Cowl side complete. This material works great!
  12. Posting to let everyone know of a very cheap option for grill screen or any opening you want to dress up or keep debris out. I used a gutter screen from Lowes to make a mini grill for the front opening in my hood. The screen is soft enough to easily shape and strong enough to be functional. It is even powder coated gloss black. Details in the attached pictures. Two pieces would make a nice grill. One above the bumper and one below. Note: The picture of the full piece is missing the piece I used for the hood.
  13. A sanding belt took care of it. Here is finished product ready to go in the car. It is in the 280Z now and everything works great. The 700r4 finds the right gear around town and on the highway to keep RPMs right around 2k. Probably 2700 or 2800 on the interstate in OD.
  14. Problem resolved! Cutting a right stub axle to be used on the left side worked great. I built a wooden jig to spin the axle under a chop saw. I used this setup to cut a cir-clip groove and to shorten the axle. Awesome results. I used two clamp collars to help guide the chop saw blade, this made for precise cuts. All I have to do now is replace the seals and install it in the car. 4.08 rear gears will be pushing my 280Z down the road. trim.11990050-DDBD-4E19-B3FF-4B71435BBC12.MOV trim.79395761-6E43-4FB2-8151-FC67A0514FF8.MOV
  15. Confirmed. Q45 carrier installed in 300ZX differential housing with 4.08 gears and Q45 input companion flange. The Q45 carrier shifts right (passenger side) due to the 4.08 gear setup. Because of this, the Q45 left side stub axle is too short! To overcome this, a ~.312 spacer would be needed between the ring gear and carrier. This isn't the difficult part. The difficult part is finding 10 M13-1.25/30 bolts to reach through the spacer. Because of this, I'm taking another approach. I am going to use a right side stub axle on the left side. This is going to require the shaft to be cut short
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