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  1. nice man, what mods have you done to that holley?
  2. Theres a guy on TTFs thats running two of those on a bonneville car actually just found a video 800ish hp on two of them so its safe to say around 400hp single. have fun.
  3. Custom made.

  4. does a '78 280z driveshaft work on '79 zx? both 5 speed cars... i wasnt sure if the diff flange was the same and the legnth of the shaft itself was the same legnth thank andy
  5. Thanks for the support!. I'm in the process of moving to a new house so the cars on hold for another month or so. The new house has a 4 car garage so ill have plenty of room to work on the z.. im pretty excited andy
  6. . . . 2.5" into WG 2.25" out i turned the WG outlet flange down until the 2.25" tube sliped over it. about .080 thou. seems like overkill but id really be surprised if i have any boost creep issues... all done with the hotside now. I'll have to tilt the radiator forward more than i wanted but i think it will be ok.
  7. i think theres a guy on theturboforums.com thats running two of those on a bonneville car actually just found a video 1200hp on two of them so its safe to say 600hp on 1? have fun
  8. doesnt look too bad... id take the housing off and lightly sand the edges of the wheel and run it..
  9. post some pics so we can see whats going on..
  10. I wanted to be able to leave the radiator in the stock location, which i did. If you look in that pic i cant really go down much further. I could have cut off the overhanging part of the t6 flange and brought the turbo down another inch or so. then the scroll of the turbine housing would be awful close to the water pump pully and belt. I didnt really know the turbo was going to be sicking out the hood so much. Probably should have just moved the radiator forward to fit the turbo out and lower... oh well next time... launch conrol with megasquirt should be pretty interestin
  11. why? only thing i see is the pressure drop is greater than a a/w core...
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