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  1. there are 2 actually. a Z432 and a Z432R. One of mine has original S20 engine while the other has an RB swap true Hybrid Z style.
  2. I think i have seen it, is it stripped down? I love when me and my buddies with Z's are watching tv with other people and go "OMG LOOK AT THAT Z" to some far away Z.
  3. Gettin my xbox 360 back from repairs tomorrow. Since i cant go race my Z as its not done i like to hit up the tracks in Forza 2. It would be a nice change to play with some HybridZers as opposed to dumb kids that just try to crash into you all the time. Maybe start a lil Forza 2 Z group,share tuning/driving tips, have clean fun races. My GamerTag is dadeblunts. Here is some screens of me n a couple of my Z's .
  4. If i only had a couple more thousand dollars. I bet i could catch the bus there and drive it back.
  5. hehehe that would be cool can put em all in one of these.
  6. That has to be the first honda civic body kit that actually does something useful. Most just make it look like if an alien mated with a car.
  7. not mine but here is a couple i like The second one i really like, would like to do to my Z.
  8. 26 hp. Shes a beast. I would just put some nice rims and maybe lower it a little. And paint it black.
  9. You can always rip them convert them and burn them to a dvd. Anyone know when ep 7 and 8 are getting subbed?
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