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  1. Curious to see if you figured out the torque spec for the bolts on Epsilon wheels. I was searching for that info and came across a post of yours with the same questions.

  2. we have at least one local LS1 240sx, and one more under construction as we speak(just pulled his RB25 out), as well as a VH45 240sx. its an awesome combination. if i wasnt trying to sell my 240sx, id drop a LS1 in it and put my SR in my Z.
  3. whats up guys. i have a chance to pick up a 78 510 4dr dirt cheap. it runs but has some bad wheel bearings and needs some love. i dont have time for another project at the moment but i dont want to pass up something i might regret later. anyone have any thoughts on this car? or any pics that might motivate me?
  4. thanks guys. ill do some serious searching....
  5. i searched around and cant find any numbers. i have some 15x8 3pc espilon wheels that i am putting back together. ive been told 25ft lbs for all the bolts but id like some confirmation. id hate for my wheels to fall apart. if it helps....20 bolts on each wheel, 15mm nut.
  6. ive never heard anything good about bosch platnum. i have had misfire issues with several of mine and my friends cars that have been fixed by switching to NGK plugs. they are pretty inexpensive and work great.
  7. a friend of mine had the face of the spokes polished. had them on his gunmetal 240sx. looked beautifull. they were originally black but he hit them with chemical stripper. the spokes came out pretty bright with no polishing, but they looked awesome when he buffed them out. i dont know if i have pics. if you went with green for the car id say bronze. i love that combination. i will be doing green/gold on my Z
  8. i could be wrong. i got it when it first came out, and FLEX was the only setup it worked on.
  9. you cant post them from your computer. have to host them on a server somewhere. try photobucket or something like that. and i did enjoy Kuwait and would like to come back some time. maybe when the world decides to relax a little. all the world leaders should build hybrid Z cars. wait, never mind. all we need is the republic of LSx Zcars going to war with the JDM swap coalition.
  10. im no expert, but im going to say no. i just tried to slap a pair of 16x7 +35 on my Z to roll it to a different spot and they werent even close to fitting.
  11. i have EDFC on my 240sx. its pretty cool but mostly for bling factor or sheer lazyness. i usually drive around on really stiff settings but its nice to be able to soften up when you have chicas riding with you without having to pop the hood. EDFC only works with the FLEX coilovers anyway, which are softer than the more race oriented setups.
  12. i know racer, im working on it. still so much work to do........
  13. i went to one yesterday and the guy wanted $200 for some 280z disc wheels. they werent even in the best shape. i went to one a week ago and got a crapload of mint interior parts for my corolla for $15. guess you just have to get lucky.
  14. whats up man. i spent a year in kuwait, and didnt find the drag strip until my last few months. i was absolutly blown away by the beautifull cars at the track. i think i still have some pics of a big block z car racing a big block 77 celica. hey, found one. this is from 2000. sorry about the crappy pic. its a scan.
  15. 15x7/8 epsilon mesh. hopefully ill get some work done on the car over school break
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