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  1. So a 280zx vented hood on the S30. Maybe with the 2 vents for the sake of symmetry.
  2. Everyone who might be looking at this thread please keep in mind this is some input I am getting for a manufacturer. I am not making any hoods myself in my garage or making some one off hood in a body shop. Hood ideas of what you would like or feel would best suite the car dont need to be existing hoods for the S30, they can even be other designs you have seen on other cars.
  3. I will be taking this as the highest priority!!
  4. This one right, ya its one I had in mind as well. Rarely see it around.
  5. Hey everyone just looking for some input on what you guys would like to see on a hood. As we all know the Z market is hotter than ever so I am conducting a little market research as to what you guys would like. Louvered, Cowl, Ram air ducts, etc. If you guys have any pictures of hoods on other cars as examples that would be much appreciated too. Want to thank everyone in advance for any input given.
  6. Seibon products are a fiberglass backed carbon fiber. So the skin of the hood is carbon fiber with a fiberglass structure underneath. They do not make a hatch for the Z, just the hood.
  7. KevvinG, Unfortunately I have long since sold the car and I am starting on a new project. They did make these available again though so hopefully we will start seeing them more often.
  8. updated with some more pictures. PRICE LOWERED $1500obo
  9. Turbonetics catalog says its good up to 800hp I will have to check up on any sort of specs in the literature that came with the turbo. Unfortunately my turbo knowledge is limited.
  10. Decided to go a different route with my L28ET build so I am selling off my Turbonetics turbo i never got to use. It is their TNX line of turbos. The exact turbo can be seen here https://turboneticsinc.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=35_105&product_id=692 I opted for the .65 AR housing. Model: TNX-40/64 Comp Wheel: 82/64mm Comp Inlet: 4.0" Comp Out: 2.5" Turbine Wheel: 69/55mm Turbine Housing: T3 0.65AR Turbine Housing Inlet/Outlet: 4-bolt/ 3" V-Band Let me know if there are any other images you would like of the Turbo. Retail price for the turbo with housing is $2144.98 before shipping My asking price is $1500obo, Free shipping to any of the 48 states
  11. The Autopower roll bar is sold!! Post updated. Just have the Takata harness left. FIA approved harness. $300 obo
  12. You can always call Seibon directly to order it if you are worried about purchasing it from someone online.
  13. That could also buy you a VR38DETT engine which would be much more desirable since its not only Nissan, but much more reliable and easier to make power.
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