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  1. I have an LD28 crank in the USA I am thinking of selling

    I also have N41 block and P90 head

    I have more but those I will ship to myself in EU

    1. DarrenM


      U selling the p90 head?

  2. I like the Toyota Cheap dependable many have over 200K miles Link https://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-Toyota-Century-1GZ-FE-V12-VVT-i-5-0L-Engine-Supra-Mk4-1GZFE-VVTi-1GZ-JZA80-/162854276630
  3. Hi all This motor seems perfect to me. Under 10K for $16,000 all included. Might be a head ache finding where to hide the computer but this just seems like a dream come true for a 240z http://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-BMW-F80-F82-F83-M3-M4-S55-ENGINE-TWIN-TURBO-COMPLETE-MOTOR-425HP-7740-MILES-/111863225239?hash=item1a0b915b97:g:P3gAAOSwq19XDEKd&vxp=mtr Smile John
  4. how light can i get the Nissan diesel crank?
  5. What would it cost to just build a head for me ?
  6. Hi, At 5,800 RPM with 15 lbs the motor would makes 325Hp at 6,300 RPM the motor will make 345 HP so the extra 500 RPM could increase HP to 365 HP or better. John
  7. Crower is giving me a billet cam and they seem to think 7,000 is not practical.
  8. The cost is $40 for the rebuild and $160 to make them bleed down lifters at Rhoades. I have the addresses is you want. My email is jlozinsk@yahoo.com
  9. hi, Normaly 6,000 is it but Rhoads bleed down (which do make noise) add 500 RPM and i talked to crower they recomended not to try for 7,000 RPM and i will believe them. John
  10. Hi Pete, My cell is 305-762-2460 I have a BRE 1970 race car I am converting to the street. Regards John
  11. Hi, I am going to completely refurbish my hydraulic lifters (new tops balls etc) then send them to Rhoades Lifters so they blead down. I plan the cam to turn 6,500 RPM with 15 lbs boost on a blower but I suspect I could up the power band if I uped the revs to 7,000 and max power to 6,800 RPM. Currently my cam will peak at 345Hp at 6,300 RPM. Has anyone run a hydraulic set up to 7,000 RPM? Thank you John
  12. The best way is to buy my BRE motor. It has been started regularly but has sat happily in a garage since its owner was killed in 1971. I bought it from his sons friend in 1980 and I have never driven the car on the road. Twice around the yard then back in the garage. I am now building a supercharged 3.048 liter motor for the car. I do not need to sell the motor so only a motorhead can buy it if I decide to sell. John
  13. How much for the M112? jlozinsk@yahoo.com
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