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  1. It is cast steel - not cast iron. Many have welded Eastgate provisions with not problems...
  2. Take some pics and post for best advice - no one is making patch panels for these any more. I have a MIG welder and custom grabbed half a firewall and inner fender panel and battery tray for my ZX after a battery exploded starting the car in winter and rusted... bought a bead roller to duplicate the panels exactly... Should be fairly easy to weld patches in... Alternatively, Showcar Body Parts in Ontario shows new and used fenders on their website but I seem to remember some cautions about them...
  3. I replied but haven't heard yeah or nay ..
  4. I have one with a T4 flange and wastgate downpipe... Not sure if you're interested... I'm in Atlanta, GA.
  5. It will show stable voltage, but not have enough amps to keep charged... Starts fine but later on restarts more and more difficult...
  6. If a diode is bad in your alternator, it will show good voltage but won't have enough amperage to charge properly - ask me how I know...
  7. Mitsubishi used the overdrive transmission on Stations and Conquests...
  8. You need to by cam & springs as a kit...
  9. Injectors too small... I'd go with 440 cc injectors.
  10. I'd get the P90 head and not use the P79... Keep the timing conservative.
  11. https://www.50ignite.com/blog/technical-blog/article-3-back-to-back-testing-of-370z-coils-re-co/
  12. Getting two different messages when entering the site - Date-Time is not set correctly, and Unsafe site. Started 2 days ago. What's up?
  13. I am looking to see if anyone has one - if you have ANY .82 I can always have it machined, but at what cost? I have both stock Nissan and 5 bolt Garrett .63 standard housings if you want to dicker. I even have two water-cooled T3/T4 CHRA's., an S Trim Clipped turbine turbo, and a .54 Trim Clipped turbine T3... I can get a new one for less than $300, and machining one will cost
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