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  1. Brad-ManQ45

    Wanted r200 3.36 ratio

    These are unobtanium.
  2. Brad-ManQ45

    T4 turbo on the stock manifold

    I have a turbo manifold with T4 flange on it...
  3. Brad-ManQ45

    ZX Low Back Seats Wanted

    I have lowbacks from an '83 Turbo in Marietta, GA...
  4. Brad-ManQ45

    Garrett T3 .82 turbine housing.

    Title says it all. For stock T3 turbine.
  5. Brad-ManQ45

    WTB: L28 turbo manifold

    I have one w/a T4 flange on it - otherwise stock. Marietta, GA.
  6. Brad-ManQ45

    Turbo intake or NAPS intake for most torque

    Envy that Euro exhaust manifold...
  7. Brad-ManQ45

    T3 Turbo Sizing

    I would suggest that if the car is basically street/highway driven that you size the A/R of the turbine section so that you are not in boost when cruising on the expressway for gas mileage purposes. Perhaps those with experience can make a suggestion based on the 50 trim compressor section turbo and the GT35...
  8. Brad-ManQ45

    T3 Turbo Sizing

    Having lived w/ turbo cars since the mid 80's I would suggest that any car that will be used as a daily driver have a water cooler center section. When by '83ZXT's turbo finally shot craps I used a Turbonetics water cooler T3 and it currently has more miles than the original turbo and is going strong. YMMV...
  9. Brad-ManQ45

    Body Kit parts

    That looks like the non ducted Xenon urethane air dam...also their side skirts
  10. Brad-ManQ45

    82 Turbo cutting out, Im stuck.

    I wonder if one of those wires is to the TPS... Don't have a schematic handy...
  11. To make sure that the terminology is correct - a Splitter extends forward from the bottom of the front bumper/air dam and divides the flow of air above and below. The Undertray is what is after the bumper/air dam extending back to or even past the front of the engine. I believe the OP was about the Undertray having either a kick up or a kick down and which would provide more downforce. I don't KNOW and can only SUSPECT that an Undertray that slnts UP from behind the air dam before it flattens out to the front of the engine ar even further back (providing that it doesn't impinge on the airflow through the radiator) would help with little aero drag - might even help keep the front end down... A kickdowm would create more turbulence and disrupt airflow after the plate. Designing the undertray to direct air toward the wheelwell from above the tray while keeping the flow as straight as possible below would seem to be the best bet. Keep in mind that in this scenario that ideally the bottom of the air dam if only using an Undertray or if using a splitter the height of the splitter would be below the level of the floor pans. The amount of kick up is therefore limited by the difference in height above ground of those 2 measurements. If there is no difference then no kick up. If the floor pans are lower than the height of the bottom of the air dam/splitter then a gradual taper to that height would smooth the flow under the car, but I could see that providing some lift at the expense of less drag.
  12. Brad-ManQ45

    L28ET custom exhaust manifold experiment

    What turbine A/R are you runn8my on those for the 2.0 and would you change for a 2.8? Inquiring mindvwants to know.... Thx!
  13. Brad-ManQ45

    82 Turbo cutting out, Im stuck.

    Sounds like what happens when electrcal connections get wet. Check the TPS...
  14. Brad-ManQ45

    Why more horsepower with a carb

    Please be aware that the EFI units used on the L series engines are analog and not digital. Also the use of an AFM instead of a MAS creates a restriction. I have yet to see an instance of a modern EFI system properly tuned NOT providing more hp, torque, driveability and gas mileage throughout the entire power range vs a carb setup. In the case of high horsepower/rpm setups operating in a narrow range a carb setup can work just as well and be simpler.
  15. Brad-ManQ45

    Disappointing conversation with CustomPlenumCreations

    NewZed - apparently you are reading something into my posts that I did not put there. I have simply said that I am disappointed that they do not wish to build an intake to my specifications backed by not only real world experience as testified to by others on this forum but by racers and hot fodder since the 60's when I first started working on our '65 Mustang convertible. I have no problem with their right to refuse the work. I just don't think their reasoning was very well thought out. It appears that they are after that last % in power and don't want to associate with all-round performance. If they did then their comments about my request for an anti-reversion step for what is to be a max 6k rpm engine used as a daily driver being against their principles/experience seems not only narrow-minded but flies in the face of what others experience has been. Please don't go putting words in my mouth.