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  1. If you get a bigger turbo you won't heat the air as much as the small one. I ran an S3 trim turbo to 14 psi with no problems stock - but I limited my rpms to about 4500 at that boost.
  2. I'm not negative in any way - shoot, I'm all for saving a buck - more do than most because I had to retire early for health/disability reasons. I ask questions and make statements but don't judge - some of us are here to learn and share knowledge. I honestly didn't know the OP got the PCM very cheaply as it wasn't in his original post.
  3. I have the ATI trans adapter kit and lockup torque converter (9") along with MS3Pro and MicroSquirt for my '83 ZXT. Currently waiting to paint engine compartment prior to installing engine, transmission and upgrades including ported and ceramic coated exhaust manifold, Protunerz intake and even larger upgraded turbo. Have had health issues.
  4. $500 when not on sale...plus - MS programmability.
  5. Or you could use a MicroSquirt connected by CAN to a MegaSquirt to control the 4l60/80...
  6. Thanks - I think I will be using my stock turbo exhaust manifold and rout the output from the turbo under the engine to go forward through the radiator support to a cross flow intercooler and have the cooler air back thru on the intake side to my Protunerz intake. Looks like I should have no problem...
  7. How about a pic underneath to show clearance? Thx.
  8. https://www.angelfire.com/extreme/280zxt/
  9. When you can get over 600 hp with a ported stock manifold I don't see getting an aftermarket one...particularly since Boone has done a before/after...
  10. Put in that 3" exhaust before anything else...
  11. There is a parts wanted forum...
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