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  1. Getting two different messages when entering the site - Date-Time is not set correctly, and Unsafe site. Started 2 days ago. What's up?
  2. I am looking to see if anyone has one - if you have ANY .82 I can always have it machined, but at what cost? I have both stock Nissan and 5 bolt Garrett .63 standard housings if you want to dicker. I even have two water-cooled T3/T4 CHRA's., an S Trim Clipped turbine turbo, and a .54 Trim Clipped turbine T3... I can get a new one for less than $300, and machining one will cost
  3. Plenty of test showing more than twice the energy from the REAL R35 coils - they are the only ones that are second to the AEM coils.
  4. IGC0079 is the coil from the GT-R and should be used for boosted engines. The IGC0003 is for 350 Z's and G35's and don't provide enough spark under boost.
  5. I have a 280ZX Turbo that I have a MS2 body kit for. What do I need to do where the car is painted and will be using panel bond and kitty glass to mold the front, rear and side panels in? Sand to metal, epoxy primer, panel bond, kitty glass and bondo/ Rage? Thanks
  6. If you use epoxy primer you can wait until be all bodywork is finished...
  7. I'd be inclined to avoid replacing the stock fan and look for another solution...
  8. I have one w/a T4 flange... Just assuming you want an exhaust manifold... Brad
  9. I would find a water-cooled one and rebuild it.
  10. You don't NEED a bigger throttle body, but to get a TPS that has variable resistance instead of just on/off/full throttle most use one from a 240SX...
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