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  1. Used to be able to mark individual forums...
  2. I have a 280ZX Turbo that I have a MS2 body kit for. What do I need to do where the car is painted and will be using panel bond and kitty glass to mold the front, rear and side panels in? Sand to metal, epoxy primer, panel bond, kitty glass and bondo/ Rage? Thanks
  3. If you use epoxy primer you can wait until be all bodywork is finished...
  4. I'd be inclined to avoid replacing the stock fan and look for another solution...
  5. I have one w/a T4 flange... Just assuming you want an exhaust manifold... Brad
  6. I would find a water-cooled one and rebuild it.
  7. You don't NEED a bigger throttle body, but to get a TPS that has variable resistance instead of just on/off/full throttle most use one from a 240SX...
  8. I just bought the MSPro system for my '83ZXT... What kind of HP are you looking for?
  9. No - the stock injectors won't support your goal. The stock turbo injectors are good to about 240...
  10. ATI makes an adapter kit, but you have to buy a modified torque converter to go with it. I bought the kit along with a modified lockup converter and plan to install it this year. I think the converter is 9 inch - the same size as the lockup for the Supra 2jz adapter kit they make.
  11. Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I just had a conversation with Schneider cams and they DO make one hydraulic grind for the P90A head. It is the mild grind good to 6000 rpm. They supply the specific lash pad thickness to use on a by cam basis after grinding due to the smaller base circle since there is no way to ascertain the measurement with hydraulic setup. Just wanted to make sure the proper info is available. The nice thing about the cam is the 114 degree lobe centers.
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