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  1. call or text 308 440 9561
  2. For sale in Kearney NE. $10,000 lots of extra parts
  3. ckrell

    the orphan

    s30 build 4g63/240z
  4. with right controler do you really need transmission?
  5. im in kearney Ne. i have some ruff ones call if u want 308 440 9561
  6. The motor mounts are in the midle of the engine and crossmember is under the harmonic balancer
  7. I've used a simular size turbo (HX40) on my 4GZ checkout my build 4G63/240Z
  8. Your nossels should be as close as possible to the center of the turbo impeller. Just do 100 precent meth, theres guy cooling 25psi with no intercooler doing this 10m/l per turbo 15m/l post turbo
  9. I'm gainning interest again. This last year with a job change and a divorce slowed me down a bit the car is on the ground and at my garage now. My garage is packed full of junk and my goal is to get it turned in to a workshop to finsh the car.
  10. I dont know how much this will, help but go to Members Projects > S30 Series - 240z, 260z, 280z on the 2nd page a few down 4G63/240Z I have some pics. there of wilwoods 4x 1.750 cals with 11.25 rotors in a 14" wheel is a lot of custom work but maybe theres something there for you
  11. The car will be bellypanned nose to tail. Besides the nose and windshield base there may not be any other really good high pressure zones?? Scoop or scoops would make it easy and more choices. I need to make cardboard fuel tank, radiator and ducting, to see were things will really fit the best.
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