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  1. I don't have any pics at this time. The roof is still on and has a aftermarket? sunroof installed.
  2. I have access to a 260z rolling shell that a current Z enthusiast is storing for me until I get enough room in my garage. The shell was originally part of a 250GTO project that the PO never finished. The front fenders, hood, bumpers, etc are missing and the rear quarter panels have metal spacers welded to them I'm assuming are to allow proper fitment of the GTO components. The drivetrain to power this project is from a 83 280zx turbo along with a few other suspension goodies. My first impression when I seen the shell was to remove the suspension and scrap the rest, since I have no experience in fiberglass body work and a GTO type car doesn't interest me. I was checking out some Datsun body kits and after finding the reactionresearch site and the SubtleZ body kit, I'm starting to reconsider bringing this 260z back to life. Is there any reason why a car that was started as a GTO project wouldn't be a prime candidate for a Subtle Z project?
  3. Been looking for a 280z for awhile, since my Z31 project is almost finished. I found a 77 280z 5-speed manual close by and took a look at it today. Car shows it has 39,000 miles on it and according to the owner, it belonged to his wife (original owner) who passed away about 3 years ago. She only drove it in the summer and always kept it garaged. When she passed He parked it in his barn and it's been sitting there ever since. Interior is in great shape, basic body is fine with no dents, engine looks clean for sitting for 3 years, etc. The bad thing is that it has bubble rust in a couple of places - underside of back of hood, front fenders at lower rear, passenger door at bottom of window, etc . I couldn't check out the rear panel area because there was no light in the barn except for what was coming through the door and the car was backed up to a wall. Rocker panels looked ok, and I didn't notice any rust under the car from what I could see. I'm pretty sure I can talk him down in price based on the rust I've found and the fact that it hasn't run in 3 years. I know he has some sentimental attachment to it since it was his wife's car, but he seemed ready for me to make any kind of offer since he is moving in another month and confided he didn't know to much about the car and wasn't very mechanically inclined to get it in running condition. I told him I would come back and look at it again if he could get it running (battery was dead) and move it outside so I could inspect the car better to look for rust. My only concern right now is the amount of body work I may have to do to restore and keep the rust from spreading. He did call me later to say that him and a buddy of his jumped the car and it did turn over. He said he would oil the cylinders and purchase a battery to attempt to get it started and get back with me. Any thoughts or suggestions on what else I should look for before I make an offer?
  4. Thanks for the replies so far. I looked at this car over a month ago and took down the number and based on what I originally seen, said no way would I pay that much. But I got to thinking about it today and thought about the L28ET and the rest of the powertrain and finding a donor vehicle for it. So I just called him up and found out he still has it for sale and the lowest he will go is $1700 because he replaced a few things like a battery and alternator. I'm finishing up a z31 turbo restoration so I'm looking for a new project, the less bodywork the better. Maybe I'll wait a couple of weeks to a month and make a offer, I truly doubt he will be able to sell the car for that price, especially in Michigan.
  5. I found a 1983 280zx turbo fairly close to where I live and after looking closely at the vehicle, feel that their $2000 asking price is way to much. The exterior paint is faded with the body having it's share of surface rust, so I can just imagine how much rust there is that I can't see. The interior is pretty much trashed and there was over 200,000 miles of the engine. I was thinking it might make a good parts car just for the engine so is this car worth anymore then a grand?
  6. I'm looking at purchasing a "79" 280zx but it's not going to happen if I can't get more headroom, plus the fact that the OEM seat is woefully lacking in support for me. I've perused the forums but I'd appreciate hearing from owners of S130's what seats they've used to increase headroom and driver comfort. I'm 6'6" & 250 lbs and I do own a Z31 that fit's me fine, if that helps.
  7. +1 on Gpopshop. Great customer service!
  8. This link should answer your questions - ECU
  9. This link should keep you busy for awhile - http://www.z31performance.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17251
  10. Very nice work. I'm totally impressed with what you've been able to do.
  11. You can usually find used ones on Ebay.
  12. I never thought about that. I have read on other boards that the 240Z has plenty of room for tall people so it makes sense. I've also heard that the 280Z has more interior room then the 280zx, but maybe it's just the way the inside is laid out. I've also sat in a 370Z and was pleasantly surprised by how much room I had.
  13. I'm 6'6", 240 lbs and own a Z31 that I can fit in comfortably if I adjust the seat back a little. I was just wondering how the other Z cars are for headroom compared to my car.
  14. They should fit fine. You should check out some of Jason's other sites - http://www.redz31.net/pages/fuel/fuel.injectors.html The RX7 injectors are the same dimensions as the OEM ones that the Z31 uses. You could also do a search on Jason's forum sight - http://www.z31performance.com/ Hope this helps.
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