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  1. Ditto! and if they don't, I also agree that it will be as bad as the CART/IRL fiasco... (if F1 split). CART series used to be fun to watch, heck! almost as good as watching F1.
  2. Hello Murch 240z, There are several reasons why one wants to stroke the L24, I for one did it many years ago, and I truly was very happy with the performance; Nevertheless please check on the link below, since your question has being address before, hope this help and good luck with your built. Alex http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=138857&highlight=L24+stroker
  3. Thank you, I truly appreciate the help, in fact I just ordered a C/F Hatch and a C/F Hood from Raceonusa their products is more or less F/G with a top layer of C/F on, will see how it turns out. John C. (Beta Motorsport) stuff is pure C/F that I will buy on a later time for my other all out race Z. Take care and thank you, Alex
  4. Well, I just called today and they told me that they are not making any composite (F/G OR C/F) parts at the moment, that perhaps in about a month they can start production since they don’t have enough orders to fulfill demand. I feel for then, this economy that we’re facing is just terrible (that’s another story). Alex
  5. Erik, I have a T-5 for $250.00 it was on a ZXT with 87,000milies. I live in Fort Rucker,Al. 36362 I think I am about 4 Hrs from you, I can also find out how much is shipping with Greyhound on Wednesday, or you can PM me for more info. I can also get you a picture on wendnesday Take Care, Alex
  6. Greetings, Will you be so kind and please place close attention to their Zcar Rear hatch, i.e how strong you think it is, and if it can be mounted with the stock rear hatch components (of course mod require), nevertheless any info will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Alex
  7. Very nice, and the fact that is RWD, even better!!!
  8. Hey guys, I don’t know if you guys have seen this but there is a 2JZ Toyota Supra engine in a classic 1967 Camaro, very impressed if you ask me. Click on the link if you wish to see the car. http://www.dpccars.com/car-videos-08/08-07-08page-2JZ-Toyota-Supra-engine-in-a-classic-Camaro.htm Alex
  9. Yep! I just noticed after I post the link, that is nuts.....
  10. Jeff, we have the same deal on this side of the world as well (Too Intense Restoration), good quality stuff and good costumer service, check on the link http://www.datsunrestore.com/photo4.html Alex P.S. Holly Toledo:eek2:….prices went up on their lenses since the last time I checked just a few month ago
  11. I ordered my today, and just today just got the news that I am going overseas (work relate:eek:) well, I guess the Z have to wait until I get back. Alex
  12. Good find Big-Phil!!! it looks like a great plug in radiator for the S30, I hope that someone have some experience that wants to share. I think I am going to buy one. Good Find.. Alex
  13. :cheers:That is great news that you are the new owner of the zfiberglass.com molds, once everything is done and settle, count me in for some fiberglass doors for my s30’s, I sincerely know that you will definitely place those molds for good use. Alex
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