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  1. If anyone hAs a 4 barrel setup they want to get rid of pm me with what you have.
  2. would like to buy a 280z bre style airdam, if anyone has one pm me.
  3. i would like to pick up an early su balance tube off someone.
  4. not looking for something i have to modify thanks though it is slightly intriguing
  5. i would like to buy some 280z lowering springs, im not looking for a particular brand and i have paypal ready.
  6. hey tyler i have some 250 275 but are 8 inch long and im located across the river in vancouver
  7. if you want a 12 to 1 CR you will have to run e85 or race gas, there is no way around it really
  8. Hey we should Definitively meet up sometime

  9. no didnt go to canby. i forgot there was a meet out there.
  10. you're located in tigard? i only live a half hour away in vancouver! im in the process of converting to triple carbs on my 280z. love your build by the way. PM me if you ever want to meet up.
  11. and just section the strut like normal? im just curious what the differences are vs. running the 10 inch spring that the GC kit offers
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