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  1. So if you had a new ecm with matching coded key you would be set?
  2. I'm working on a kit now that will. should be done next week. I sell brackets that fit mustang cobra calipers already.But those won't fit behind a 14 inch rim. I will keep you informed.
  3. I have the rear disc conversion brackets you need! just pm me for more info.
  4. Sweet! Thanx guys. I'll try both today and post my experience tonight.
  5. The ones that connect to the condensor. right?
  6. Doing a n/a to tt swap and I need them fast. Cash in hand and paypal on tap...
  7. I had 4 of these r200's. all sold for over $900. Stupid me for not saving one for myself...
  8. I've been m.i.a. for a while but I'm still alive and still have some brackets left. P.m. reply sent Mike. Thanx J-MO!
  9. Wow! my hands finally quit shaking! got my fix! thanx Mull!
  10. good job!! looks like a neihborhood in san diego I just visited last month in the backround.
  11. you can log on to nasa.gov to see it live!!!!! also i want to put one of those engins in a z!!!lol!!!j/k
  12. ahhhhh! pics? please! this is a Z story i'm sure everyone will want to be keeped up to date on.
  13. I had a 582hp turbo civic (prelude motor) and it was o-ringed. never had a problem with it until i pushed it to 32psi. then the oil and water mixed.
  14. $3800 is cheap as hell! especially since you getting everything you need. the average around here is 5k-9k i think.
  15. it's a retro roded el camino. they were ugly then and they are ugly now. but if its fast i'll drive it like i stole it!!
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