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  1. I have one set left. I guess I need to make some more. Ill post up when they are done.
  2. i noticed in pic DSCN0718.JPG (7 of 9) that the caliper mounting bolts don't go all the way flush on the front side, are your bolt all the way in or do the bolts need to be a bit longer. also, this is the first time i've seen a problem with the clearence thing. ill recheck mine tomarrow and let you know what i find. thanx for the info and pics.
  3. Sorry its been so long since I have responded to this post and all of the pm's that were sent to me...I opened a new shop and i have been slamed busy from day one...I do still have these brackets and can have them ready to ship in a day or so. let me know if you guys are still wanting them. And again...sorry it took me so long to respond. thanx ,joe
  4. Sorry about that. I was doing the whole funneral thing for my best friend but i'm back now. let me know if you are still in need I would be glad to help.
  5. So if you had a new ecm with matching coded key you would be set?
  6. I'm going to the pick and pull in the morning. I'll look for the suff you need. In fact i'll just buy up all the kits i can find. i'll send you a pm when i get done.
  7. I'm working on a kit now that will. should be done next week. I sell brackets that fit mustang cobra calipers already.But those won't fit behind a 14 inch rim. I will keep you informed.
  8. I have the rear disc conversion brackets you need! just pm me for more info.
  9. Sweet! Thanx guys. I'll try both today and post my experience tonight.
  10. The ones that connect to the condensor. right?
  11. Doing a n/a to tt swap and I need them fast. Cash in hand and paypal on tap...
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