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  1. I thought I would share some of the progress on my project RoninZ. Awhile back I wanted to do something different but still make my s30 handle better. Also wanted to find parts easily (cheaply). I asked and search for anyone that had done an s13 IRS swap into the s30 and found some old posts here in HZ and other forums. well I pulled the trigger and canibalized my s13 and put as much parts into the s30. The engine was going in also (sr20det) but that changed which is another topic. Anyway the IRS went in, a lot easier than I thought but, because of engine choice I couldn't use the s13 front suspension, and the z suspension was pitched. So, this brings me to this topic. I did some research and decided that I wanted to do the Double Wishbone/A-Arm suspension. I went with CA Chassishttps://www.cachassisworks.com/p-1556-a-arm-suspension-4x2-crossmember-custom-fit-factory-welded-crossmember-only.aspx Here is the crossmember with the disc before install on frame Here is the top view after install and fenders refabbed. Here is the A-Arms from underneath It included a manual rack and pinion The kit included double adjustable Coilovers and 13"Wilwood brakes (overkill?) Still at the shop and has not been on the road yet. I am hoping to go on Road courses with this car this summer. Thanks guys
  2. RPS30.Drvr

    Ronin Z

    My Z build with s13 suspension
  3. Well for now Im not putting in the turbo engine, instead Im installing a 5.3LS into it. Im still considering closing off the upper grille (above bumper) and opening up bellow the bumper. The air that goes through the radiator I will vent out the top of the hood. Like this Vette and this GT. what are your thoughts?
  4. Yes the rear part on a bar near where the spare tire was pretty easy. Yes right in the seat belt retractor pocket. I cut mine out.
  5. the S13 is a 240SX. I meant what I said. The s30 is a front rack mount. The s13 is a rear rack mount. the sr20 engine was designed with the oil in forward of the s13 crossmember. so If you put the sr20 engine in an s30 it would fit because it would fit behind the crossmember and the head would be right up next to the firewall. If you put an s13 suspension in the s30 you would have to put the sr20 way in front of the engine bay and the transmission shift would also be way forward. Or you could do like Kenny did and move the s13 suspension forward of the original s30 placement and put the sr20 oilman behind the suspension. http://www.nostalgicimaging.com/Project-SR71/SR-71/
  6. Yes I have done this swap. I stripped my s13 including front and rear suspension, and the sr20det. The front s13 suspension will not work with sr20det because it is a rear steer. I have lots of pics and tips for doing the s13 IRS swap. I ended up with a Double A-Arm front suspension (NASCAR) style front suspension.
  7. https://goo.gl/photos/z5q6Y5rFFRyMys2J6 Here is the mounting location for the front ears of the s13 IRS. I had to cut out the seatbelt retractor "pockets". that is the exact spot where the mounts/bolts had to go.
  8. Well Its been a couple of years in the shop with nothing done to it. After getting back from Afghanistan It was about time. The s13 suspension was fitted in. I also fully modified the front suspension with a doing away with the McPherson strut system and replacing the crossmember with a Double A-Arm front suspension with coil-overs. it was NOT a "Mustang II suspension but designed more like the Camaro/Corvette style suspension. The front also has 13" Wilwood brakes with manual Rack and pinion steering. As soon as I can figure out how to post pics I will share with you.
  9. The links at the top no longer work. Does anyone have dimensions they can post or email? Im looking for the stock height of frame to ground (by the crossmembers) of the S30? What is the width from front hub to front hub? I think I found the frame width at the crossmember is 29 5/8", is that correct?
  10. How's the project going. would love to see some pics. I am doing the s13 suspension swap.
  11. How is the project going? Got more pics? The shop that is helping me hasn't done anything in awhile.
  12. After trying to read through all these old post I wonder if anyone has looked into V-mounted radiators and Inter-cooler (IC)? I am considering this configuration. Most of the air going into the front of the car, either above or below the bumper would flow up through the IC and the radiator would take its air and blow it down to the ground? Would this airflow configuration reduce the high pressure created in the engine conpartment?
  13. Hey guys, well i think my build is finally on the way. I already tore down my s13 car and sold the shell. Now the rear suspension will be grafted onto the rear of the s30 as well as the front cross member. I know everyone will wonder why and to copy someone else's statement. 1) Easy to source parts for CHEAP (and easier to replace if broke) 2) I know and understand the S13 suspension and culture. I have a lot of friends who can get me parts on the cheap. 3) I wanted something different. 4) It widens the stance of the 240Z by a few inches. 5) I have already spent quiet a lot of $$$ on upgrades to the s13 suspension. Including z32 brakes, coilovers, 5 lug hubs etc. I also have a fully built sr20det that made 377 rwhp on a Mustang Dyno @ 11psi. Here are my pics so far. New MSA Type II front air dam.
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