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  1. Looking good man digging the progress. I have a 260 shell sitting on jackstands right now while I'm trying to decide what I wanna do with it. I also have a 2jzge in the shop disassembled I keep glancing at and sitting in the engine bay with the hoist. I'm still not completely decided what to do just that I know that I want a manual transmission, which is kinda keeping me from going LS so I don't have to buy a T56 lol. Awesome stuff though I'm glad the CXRacing mounts are starting to become a more viable option and we don't have to try and source an old Beta mount or build our own. A question though, how does the car handle and drive having the rad support cut out with that bar in between the frame rails? That frees up a ton of space
  2. Not to kick a dead horse or anything but what are you guys running in the coilover department? I swear until now I had never looked at a coilover for a 240sx and just assumed they shared the same top hat bolt pattern as our cars. I'm kinda iffy on saying the s13 and 14 are the same but I know the s14's use 2 bolts on the rear top hat whereas the Z takes 3. Is this solved by using a Z top hat on the 240sx coilover? Also on the topic of length. I have figured out that the s13 rear is much taller than a 14 so without having some to test fit I really have no idea which model I'm going to need to go with. I do know however that I'll be using s14 coils in the front to go with the s14 spindles so I don't have to widen the holes. Thanks guys for all of this information so far and hopefully some of you are still around almost a year later.
  3. Digging your build thus far. Looking forward to your updates and hopefully getting started on my JZ swap
  4. Such a good read. Given me hope for my JZ swap I've been working on for 2 years now
  5. Any updates on using the Collins kit and the CD00X transmission? That's what I had in mind for my swap but haven't gotten a sure answer on how everything fits together
  6. Check out my instagram page if you have one @grayson_sullens I'm nearing completion of the modernmotorsport rear disc conversion using s13 rear calipers and z31 rotors. All in all I have $270 invested for a nice single pot rear caliper and full e brake function. $170 for brackets (pricey, I know) $40 for both calipers (lucky) and $60 for the rotors from autozone. Naturally aspirated 1985 300zx
  7. Bad ass to see CX getting involved on a level like this. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
  8. He does a decent job of explaining the Collins kit for the cd009 6 speed to LSX. The thing with this kit is you could also run a 5 speed from a 240sx off the ka24 motor but price would be the only pro of using it IMO. I'm still trying to convince myself I'm gonna go the route of the nissan 6 speed and the collins kit. The way I see it you can find used 350z/g35 trans for roughly $5-600 with "decent" miles then add $400 for the actual adapter itself and you're only in for $900-$1000. Granted this is not considering the clutch you would have to use and the super confused looks of the driveshaft guy but the T56 transmission has gotten to be like the R154 transmission in my area. Every shade tree dude that happens to rob one from an F body is convinced they are molded directly from Gods' image and asks a minimum of $1500 for insane mileage.
  9. I am looking at the CX kit but am not gonna use their trans mount as I'm gonna use a cd009 six speed rather than the T56. Hopefully everything will still line up. Anyone know how the T56 and the cd009 compare in length?? Awesome builds here
  10. Also could I ask how the stock r180 is holding up to the power? I don't really want to invest into crazy diff upgrades if it isn't really necessary
  11. Wow just read through this entire thread. Awesome read hope all is going well! About to embark on a 5.3/t56 swap in my early 260z
  12. I haven't posted here in forever it seems like. A lot of you guys have yet to be introduced to the green Z unless you've seen it on Facebook. We picked it up actually to only rob the fenders from for the red one but I've ended up falling in love. It's a hardtop car whereas the red one has a sunroof. I attempted to make a new headliner for it where the factory one was torn up. After that not much else has happened except for locating all the rust areas which, on this car, aren't actually that bad. It has been garage kept for the last couple years that I know of which has led to mostly only the floor pans being shot. the rocker panels are decent but could use some patching and a few areas in the door jam area that need some attention. As far as engine goes I've resorted back to the 2jz I have sitting around. Still working on mounts for it and am currently gathering parts, or rather money to buy parts, to start rebuilding it. Nothing spectacular out of it but maybe some GTE internals If my engine builder friend has them. Stock head for now but maybe some day switch to either a 1jz for a 1.5jz build or straight to a non vvti 2jzgte head. These are all just dreams right now and I think I'll be more than happy with a stock 2jzge in a 2500lb car. As of now all I've done is painted the valve covers, clean the block a little, and have sourced some more of the parts I'll be needing. A crankshaft from an sc300 and also a wiring harness and ecu from an SC. After that all that's left is a rebuild kit with gaskets and bearings and such. Also gonna go ahead and replace the water and oil pumps while the engine is out. Suspension I'm leaning towards the T3 DIY coilover kit or maybe just some of the mr2 struts with stiffer springs. Wheels will be some of the diamond racing wheels for now but in the end is a secret . Let's just say I'll be looking into doing a 5 lug swap soon as well. Still looking into a cd009 transmission swap but I may just throw a w58 on the 2jz and get it in the car. Maybe I'll actually be able to provide updates for this thread pretty quick. I enrolled in my local technical college for their electrician/ commercial wiring class and will be done about summer time next year. I'm kinda excited about that but who needs eduaction when you have a Z car. LMAO. Thanks guys
  13. Maka I keep bouncing back and forth on these ideas I have. I'm about to start college soon so it's kinda messing up my drive to work on cars. I am in the process of collecting parts to get the JZ running again. Probably gonna get it running naturally aspirated first and boost it later on. No real updates until I can get some money flowing in. Books are expensive. +1 for the American education system
  14. I found a front air dam made my Kaminari Competition for what seems like a good deal. Check out the pics and let me know if its worth the $150 he's asking. It also comes with a modified front grille that fits in the entire gap
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