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  1. Both hoses going to the heater core measure the same temperature. Yes I get hot air in the cabin. I ordered a 180 degree thermostat, I will try this and see what happens.
  2. I tried adding water to the upper hose, this filled the radiator up above the top hose fitting. I vented the steam vent. I ran the car at idle for around 15 minutes both fans turned on the bottom hose still cold. I measured both sides of the thermostat with inferred and there was 40 degrees different. With the cap off I never saw coolant movement. I am sure the tstat is not opening. I know I tested in a pan before installing. Is it possible the temperature at the sensor is 215 but the temperature at the thermostate under 195? I have a computer hooked up to the OBD-II port and I can watch the temperature rise.
  3. I have a similar setup in the upper hose. I will try and fill from the top hose tonight. I do not think the stat has ever opened.
  4. JHM, who sells bump steer spacers for OEM outer tie rods?
  5. I will cut the spacers at the sway bar links, when i get new outer tie rods.
  6. 0This is a 1/4" spacer. I also do not like the angle of the tie rods.
  7. After short test drive i noticed that both cooling fans were coming on but the lower radiator hose was at ambient temperature. The second fan comes on at around 220, I guess the thermostat is not opening or there is a problem with the cooling. I did notice that the temperature gauge did not go down after both fans came on. I will do some more testing.
  8. Today was a milestone, I drove the car for the first time around the block. Front and rear sway bars installed, alignment done. Brakes felt a little soft, car has tons of power. Would like to install power steering in the future. I do not like the angle of the outer front tie rods. Will need to find some adjustable tie rods. The car is 90% done, need to finish blocking the roof and rear quarters. Then i will paint them and install the rear bumper. Interior is complete except for the passenger seat, I will install the front glass after I paint the roof.
  9. I would think if all larger sway bars need a spacer to work, they would include in the kit. Most people would not notice and just install the kit and the bar would be hitting the frame and as the wheel goes through compression the frame would stop the bar from rotating.
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