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  1. I still have mine. Unused as I was test fitting in other cars. If you or any one who is interest let me know. I have to find it first.
  2. I'm having someone designing the emblem, I want to gauge interest. Something like this with the wording lite up with some sort of LED. Either that or stick to the original "Fairlady Z" and have the lighting around the wording like every other emblems on the market. Any ideas?
  3. Sorry man, I can't find the rocker arms. But I'm willing to make you a deal on the cam.
  4. Let me check for the rocker arms, but I think I sold that seperately a while back. but I do have a cam.
  5. I got some laying around, Let me know if you can't get it from MSA.
  6. Correct! and I have one but not for the price that you willing to pay
  7. I have the whole thing, ignition, glovebox, gas cap, and hatch but it for zx I'm pretty sure you can make it work. Brand new. Let me know.
  8. A18-637 656K 3Y09 I forget which year it is.
  9. everyone does. Sorry buddy, not for sale.
  10. I have the big letter and small letter NISSAN(2), 2400cc(2) and 2000cc(not for sale)
  11. Daft Innovation in Modesto had once tune and worked on Z I don't know if they do now. His name is Rich.
  12. GO to PnP on Monterey, there is an 83 280zx out there with 5speed that shift very smoothly. As for the r200, are you looking for a LSD or open. If open I guess you can pull it out the 83 at PnP also.
  13. I got em in used condition, $12 shipped?
  14. PM me for detail. I have an LC-1 and a FPR
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