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  1. I would like to know also, pics cost. It's not on your website.
  2. Wow that's kinda crazy! Just to think we use brake cleaner to clean parts all the time. Well I'm gonna look into renting a media blaster and give it a shot. I might give the torch a try also. Thank you for your help, I'll keep you posted!
  3. Hmmm mustard gas sounds great, this is exactly why I posted these questions here, I'm very hopeful that the soda blasting With the 80/20 mix will do it tho I like the torch idea too. Tomorrow is Monday Itthink I'll try to call the Por15 people and see what they suggest. Please any more ideas keep them coming!
  4. My z is an incomplete project my friend started, since the car is torn down as far as it is I'm going to go a little deeper than he did. My friend dealt with the rust on this car with a wire wheel and Por15, the entire interior floor, engine bay and front wheel wells. I want to cut out and repair a few areas of rust, stitch weld, complete the frame rails to the rear and roll cage. I'm wondering what I can do to get rid of the por15. -soda blasting - looks like eastwood has a 100# blaster, and from what I read the 80/20 mix says it will "The soda media will remove urethane, epoxies, enamels and lacquer top coats along with virtually every primer and filler for automotive and marine use" - media blast - What media is best? How can I keep from warping the metal? -Wire wheel - I don't think I can get into every nook and cranny. -Por15 remover - terrible stuff I hear, can I throw the used chemicals in the trash when I've stripped the por15? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. I looked at racing lab's site at the rotas, man they got some sexy wheels if yer into 15" oh well rb's look nice for the dough. Do I still need to contact Ken or just buy em straight from the site?
  6. Haven't done an update for a long time, had a kid bought a condo got laid off for 6mo. Anyway bought a nice welder and decided to go full resto-mod I'll be buildinga rrotisserie and I'm looking into a vq35,Rb25det or ls1 we'll see. Either way I'll take a lot of pic's!
  7. Is this group buy still open? I went through a few previousp pages and couldn't tell. I'm looking for 17x9.5 -19 all 4 gunmetal or royal black not sure if I am going 4 or 5 lug yet. Don't know if it's going to affect the price.
  8. Dam nit what does he charge for that intake?
  9. Well I actually decided to go to a 76 tank since I hate the idea of filling inside the car or other options. So I'm actually selling that cell as for the rest of the setup I'm running the new lines now 3/8 steel ones from summit and we'll see how that works out getting the tank cleaned and treated and whatever else comes up on the way lol.
  10. Yeah I would like to see it. I actually decided to go with a 76 tank and add a sump, the biggest thing for me was I didn't like my options for filler location. What did you do for your filler?
  11. One thing I love about old cars is the story's that come with them. I decided to ditch the fuel cell idea and get a 76 tank and put a sump on it, I found one on craigslist and when I went to look at it I found out that it was one out of my 76 280z that I just sold! How funny!
  12. So I have the new 3/8" line and FPR on its way and I have been searching for answers to some of the questions I had. Sump plumbing - so obviously one goes to the pump. I wanted to know if I can use the other for the return, I searched here on hybrid and can't get the right wording or something but when I googled it I found a site for Z28 camaros and that setup was what alot of people do? I still wonder if this is good for our Z's, and the best idea. Also the car hasn't ran since the rebuild so I'm going to take things a little slower and keep the og fuel rail but since I had the aeromotive 750 pump I went ahead and got the aeromotive 13109 FPR. So I'm gonna plumb new 3/8" line to the og rail can I replace the og FPR with some hose just to get her running? Then return through the aeromotive FPR back to the sump? I need to put the fuel system to bed so I can try to crank her over, I put off buying a pallnet fuel rail for now and other things so I would be sure to have cash on hand in case other components are no good (ecu, dissy, God only knows) Please someone chime in on this setup, and if I forgot anything or with any tips thanks in advance
  13. Wow that looks fantastic! You really did a great job! I like dark tint but in a car that red you are gonna need to see as good as you can to keep an eye out for the cops!
  14. Progress is pretty slow at this point. All I have been able to do is clean all the engine connectors and install the L28ET harness. And clean out the small dog sized crap that was all inside the car, I'm guessing Opossum or a cat and it's most likely how the driver seat got tore up! Anyway I have some steel 3/8 fuel line in the mail and an aeromotive FPR so when that gets here I can actually do something to get it running!
  15. I can't wait to see pics how long has it sat in the barn? edit-sorry I didn't see it was in there since 88
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