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  1. Check Carbonsignal its their kit, Moonbeam Range and one with 370z nismo Kamaruz
  2. That's a long long time. I managed to install VQ35DE. Infact installing a VQ37 in Skyline Hakosuka also
  3. Sorry must have missed it where you got these headers from I am looking if there is anything off the shelf for my RB25/30 project
  4. Thanks I would never turn a Nissan into a chevy
  5. Been a while posting back to show the update, took a while to finish the car back when opened it during its glory Made the VQ35 run, installed our Moonbeam Gnose version kit similar to what was installed on Chris Forsberg car last year SEMA and redid the interior, went a bit long way apart from normal interior pieces which carbonsignal made we made other rear ones and roof panel as well, from the molds all done in carbon fiber. Installed a custom roll bar, door panels, and dashboard done in FRP wrapped in leather and Alcantara and redid old Bride seats in similar material. Installed new CS design gauges will post pics later from closeup. Wheels were done new worked with SevenK do design something similar to Equip and SSR mix of both in 16x10' and16x11"
  6. Hi good luck. Better keep wheels ready as bigger wheels would need some good amount of cutting. Just finished ones yesterday. Ideally keep full half day two people to install it all.
  7. That many cuts aren't needed for stitching as I'm doing one top piece as in pic below https://goo.gl/images/bdNGhy
  8. There are plans to sell individual parts but next year till then only full kits first to have some Zs had these installed l second it would need redesigning as there are grooves for fenders which without fenders might not look good
  9. It's been a while removed VQ30DET and installed VQ35 changed the colour and wheels. Will post pics once CS Moonbeam kit currently in painting
  10. It's Moonbeam Spec JG kit made by Carbonsignal Automotive, company based in dubai www.carbonsignalauto.com We made two Moonbeam designs one with gnose and one without this is nongnose one. Kit is offered in FRP and CF. I will send you a message to see if we can join as vendors for this forum as have lots of S30 parts to offer. We are the same company didn fuguz interior last year and this year Gnose Moonbeam along with whole new 280z interior will debut in SEMA
  11. Glad ito reached safely looking forward for updates
  12. Not sure what's the way to be a vendor here? We are launching our new moonbeam kit as well this month https://instagram.com/p/BB7wcYmBUDN/
  13. Try looking at work wheels as well. Volks and Work we only available under 2k price mark rest when I searched were expensive.
  14. See one pic is of sizes offered last year and they have another special run of SL series for 2016
  15. There is some confusion the wheels on fuguz I did order one of the last set as it was limited run from beginning the SL range. VOLK RACING TE37VSL 15 x 9 -15 / 4 x 114.3 15 x 10 -25 / 4 x 114.3
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