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  2. I'm looking for the luggage stop trim piece that installs over the carpet behind the seats of a two seater 280Z. Thanks,
  3. do you have the luggage riser stop behind the seats?
  4. Good idea. This is always my go to source, but will see if they'll let me poke around in there.
  5. If no one knows, does anyone have one they want sell cheap? In fact, I'd buy one and the seller could take it apart and just post pics.
  6. Does anyone know how to remove the vanity mirror assembly from a 280z sun-visor? I've looked for quite a while for a picture of one removed to see if I could tell how they attach, but no luck. Trying to recover mine and don't have a spare to experiment on. thanks,
  7. Thought I would post a follow up. After Pay Pal extracted the refund, Paulo contacted me over the weekend and said he had the part complete and ready to ship. I agreed to purchase it, but before he cold send me an invoice the fire happened. Although my experience wasn't the smoothest, I hope everything works out for him. As far as I know, he was the only person offering many of the composite parts he advertised.
  8. I did receive a refund, thanks to Pay Pal. Not even an apology or explanation from Paulo. People like this shouldn't be allowed to present themselves as vendors. I see people on Facebook requesting parts for their Z cars on Retro-Specs page and I wish there was a way to warn them.
  9. PayPal dispute opened against Paulo. Thank goodness for PayPal dispute resolution help.
  10. For what it's worth they are posting on Facebook regularly. I sent him a couple more emails, not flaming him, but asking why he wasn't responding. Noticed on his Facebook page that days after telling me my hood was being boxed up he offered offered one just like it for sale, but with blemishes. Since I am forced to hypothesis what is going on, I would guess my hood had issues and rather then be up front with me (I probably would have taken it as is) he sold it and started ignoring my messages. I even made a post on his Facebook page asking what was going on, but the post isn't there. Really a shame as I wanted to order a number of other components, but it looks like I am more likely to have my money taken. Admins on here should be aware that this vendor is having serious problems.
  11. I've done business with several hobbyists over the years, it's often the only source for unique Datsun products and services. Nearly every one of them conducted themselves in an honest and reliable manner. I can think of only two that I had any issues with and neither of them were anything to the extent of this transaction. If Retro-Spec conducts themselves with neither honesty or integrity, I don't think it's a reflection on all or even most hobbyist trying to do business. I thought these guys had started doing legit business, but I fear I was wrong. Then again, perhaps there is a shortage on packing material where they are and they forgot the password to their email system.
  12. No postings here in quite a while, but wondering if anyone else has tried to order their products and had trouble? I ordered a hood in November, received a picture of completed hood on 1 April with a message saying they were shipping it (perhaps an April Fools joke). I never received tracking info and they have stopped responding to emails.
  13. Sorry, just catching up. I ended up going with the entire Silvermine kit, so I'm out this time around.
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