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  1. So which company will be the first to have an online calculator that would take most of those parameters and narrow the choice down ! Ya, I'm dreaming.
  2. I bought that twin turbo kit ss sells, on pure speculation and a whim. Tell you what , the parts look pretty darned good. My kit even came with about 6 stainless J bends and a bunch of silicon hose parts plus some nice clamps. The box it shipped in was huge. The turbos are often bad mouthed as being made of glued together halves, etc. They *look* fine to me, and I've had about 6 turbo cars that I've worked on over the years. I looked up some of the Chinese turbo manufacturers and they are ISO rated, huge places. They supply turbos to mostly diesel trucks I think. These people are serious about making good stuff. The factories are the size of a football field. They dedicate a whole town to turbos and exhaust companies. I don't know if I'll use them yet, I havn't decided on twin or single turbo yet for my LT1 project. I'd say for the price, it's worth a try. You can throw away the turbos and still save money. Spare turbos are about $350 each. -Les
  3. lesd

    Viper vs 240 road race vid

    Nice hybrid Z. What engine did the Viper have. I'd like to see the same Z run with a twin turbo viper -Les
  4. I've searched , but it must be buried somewhere, anyhow, what are the spline diameters ( 'major', or OD ) for the various shafts? I have some Armada shafts, 1.26" dia shaft size, and want to see if they can be recut shorter. -Les
  5. lesd

    Here's an easy to make surge tank

    Could you just pour some LN into the fuel tank? -Les
  6. lesd

    Here's an easy to make surge tank

    Not sure why people are mounting surge tank systems outside of the main fuel tank. What about this system: At bottom of main fuel tank , mount a tall 'coffee can 'tower, sealed well at bottom and mostly open on the top. Very simple. Dosn't even have to be 100% leak free, hey it's in the fuel tank anyway... The low pressure pump sucks from regular fuel tank bottom, and just dumps into the top of the tall coffee can, spilling over the top , a complete mess, but wait, that's right, it's in the fuel tank, so no worries. The injection pump feeds from a seperate port on the bottom of the 'coffee can' thing. Make the coffee can thing as tall as you can inside the main fuel tank, the taller the less chance of bubbles getting to the bottom of the can. Plumb the return line from the engine to help fill the can as well. Advantages: no space lost , it's in the tank. No fancy tank needed . it can even be leaky in there,who cares. Less hose nightmare. Disadvantage: Can't point it out to buddies to impress them at get togethers or car shows -Les
  7. lesd

    HybridZ needs a wiki !

    I've been doing a ton of searching and reading on the r230 read end swap. What I have learned is that there is a great deal of mis information mixed in with the real stuff. For example, for a while , people thought that a Q45 had a r230 in it. Or that the *Front* diff from an Armada was what you wanted for a 2.94 r230 conversion. Both false, but the data and posts are still out there. Plus lots of dead ends. No wonder some new readers are frustrated and give up searching and just post a new thread with the direct question... What is a Wiki ? A Wiki ( like Wikipedia.com ) is a user editable set of articles that constantly evolves and improves. Trusted forum members can be granted permission to edit the wiki. The 'Sticky' threads are a primitive start, all they are is a hint that there is some good and relatively accurate info in that thread, but a sticky thread can still suffer from posts with false info. Can a user forum like HybridZ have some kind of Wiki ? I don't know, but I'd sure benefit from it for sure. Just an idea. -Les
  8. OK, so Q45 axels are too thin. I have Armada axels with CV's. The shaft size is 1.26 in. diameter. So these should be good candidates for a respline job, am I right? So my plan is to use the Armada carrier and 2.94 gears, and the 300ZXTT viscous unit. Incidentally , the spline on the ends are 32 teeth, and 1.29 in diameter. -Les
  9. lesd

    Armada CV shafts good for anything?

    So do I have to go to a mall and, calipers in hand, dive under a q45 or 300ZxTT and measure to find out? Anyone know the dia. of that stick ? -Les
  10. I just had UPS drop off my Armada 2.94 r230 on my front porch. No box either, kind of funny. Anyhow, it came with the Armada shafts as well. The shaft dia. is 32mm , and the spline end is 33mm . A quick count gave me a 32 spline ( maybe 31 ). Question: Can I use these Armada shafts for my r230 install by machining a new spline end, assuming it is oversized ? What is the diameter of the spline that goes into the 'usual' companion adapter ? -Les
  11. lesd

    Non-Conventional Differential Options...

    How about the good ol r230 ? I'm going with that, with a 2.94 ratio. By combining parts from an 300ZXTT and Armada rear, you can get tall gears. 2.94 , 3.36 . And 3.69 from the 300zx TT . I rarely go to the track or strip, so I won't miss the low '60 foot time' type of ratios. On the street I should still be able to break traction even with the tall gears ( turbo LT1/ 4 speed auto, by summers end ) and the won't be embarrassed by the occasional cocky sport bike rider on the open freeway. -Les
  12. Cool, I found a bone yard that says he has one, but they don't know if it's the 3.36 or the 2.93. I wonder if there is a VIN decoder that would tell ? Hand spinning it is kinda hard, the ratios arent that different. I want the 2.93. -Les
  13. Thanks very much for the response, Rick! I have the r230 from a TT , and some q45 CV joints so far. I guess I could use a little help with the other parts I need to get a hold of. Will the axles Modern is selling for the r230 work? I guess the Armada front diff should be relatively easy to find. Anybody have a ratio list for these ? -Les Tony: Lets see how much these things sell for in So Cal. !
  14. Is there any possibility of getting taller gears in a r230 diff that came from a 300ZX TT ? I have a r200 with the rare 3.15 ratio, but will be going with the r230 for the extra strength and limited slip. I like freeway driving the keeps up with housewives in modern cars. ( translation, I hate revving the piss out of the motor going 75 - 80 mph ) My next transmission will most likely be an 200 4r. (0.67 4rth gear ratio) The Armada front diff has taller gears, but no VLSD , so incompatible , yes ?no ? -Les
  15. That situation, pulling to the right , ( due to a locked wheel ? ) is what I'm scared of. I get this horrible vision of that happening at high speed, the car veers off the road, flips several times, etc. I'm getting conflicting info on the r230. I read that the Q45 has an r200, then I read that it is a good source for the r230. If I go searching the local wreckers, what would be my best target car? Other than the parts from Modern and mounting structure, what else do I need to replace my R200 with the r230? Thanks guys! -Les