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  1. I think I have a spare in the garage. Ill have to take a look.
  2. Makes me sad to look at this picture... Salt air in Key West is killing my poor car. Gonna have to repaint after gutting al lthe rust thats accumulated over the last 4 years. z2.bmp
  3. My 240 is still 904. Most of it at least. I had to do some repairs and just grabbed something close until I finish the rest of the work and do a full repaint. Salt air is killin meh!
  4. Steal indeed! Keep us up to date on that build! And about that VIN...?
  5. I guess you COULD fill it in and smooth is out... that may be an option, but far from the best. Filling would probably crack a few years down the road, as that would be alot of filler on a rather flexible part of your body. Best bet is to get new flares.
  6. Mine are ceramic coated. Actually helps REDUCE temps. Had it done in Tampa. I dont have any pics of it. Guess I need to snap a few.
  7. EVO, where in FL are you? Im going to need a blasting and paintjob in the near future. Looking for a skilled hand and an idea of how much im looking at.
  8. Dont be hating on the stripes! Just gotta do em right. This is one of my favorite stripped cars. They need to extend down onto the air dam IMO, but other than that they're beautiful!
  9. They're pretty hard to find these days. Ive got one in a closet if you're interested. It would need some work though. The "previous owner" added some bondo to change some of the lines a bit. Why, I have no clue.
  10. Any updates on this monster? Im STILL looking for a '70 El Dorado for a good 500
  11. Id wanted to stick a V8 in one of my 240s... Ive got a 93 Buick Roadmaster with a 5.7 that needs a valee guide redo, and Im probably gonna get rid of it before long. Im considering pulling the motor and rebuilding it for future use in the Zed. Only thing really holding me back is the fact that its a 93 L05 and not the LT1 that they used in the 94-96 roadmasters. Is it worth stroking out to 383 or should I just scrap it and go find an LT1?
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