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  1. that thing is wild.. how much power are you puting down?
  2. they look very nice thanks for postin pics..
  3. could you post some pics.. i think he may have some more bissness? what are you planing on doin for the trans mount
  4. what did the set back plates run u?
  5. ive never seen them like that but im new to z cars .. i would like to see where it mounts in the car.. looks home made but i may be wrong
  6. yea the pics of the rubber blocks you pulled out .. im currently thinking about buying a set of the jtr mounts.. i just didnt knoe if u have a different style mount then them.. but thanks anyhow..
  7. got any pics of those blocks? im geting ready to pully my L28 and 4spd from my 77 280.. im trying to decide to have some one make me a set or make my own ... or just buy them..
  8. are you making the jtr motor mounts and trans mount?
  9. sweet !! how much boost you going to be pushing?
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