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  1. Robzzzz


    I have a few parts on Craigslist and was wondering what fair prices would be. A set of early doors with glass. A set of headlight buckets with mount/adjuster housings. Rear hatch with glass. Fuel injection manifold with fuel rail. Quarter windows with chrome frame. 4 SU round top carbs (3 screw type)
  2. yea I understand Ihave a friend who builds them just trying to get one on the cheap ya know?

  3. If I cant find anyone who wants to trade roll bars then I will sell it [$250] or trade it for something I can use
  4. Not a 2x2 but the strut towers are higher on a 280z than on the 240z , the 240z bar I have would need to be cut to fit a 280z
  5. Well this is most likely not your problem unless you resently blew a head gasket but the symptoms are the same, when I blew the head gasket it dumped the coolant out the exhaust and after I repaired the engine it would idle ok but it wouldnt rev up and after chasing a lot of ghost [fuel and ignition] I finaly removed the catalytic converter and fired it up and it reved up fine
  6. I have a roll bar from a 240z and I would like to trade it for a 280z roll bar , if I cant find one to trade then I will have to cut to fit but I would rather trade for the right one,message me here at hybridZ or at my email fivepoint0cj7@yahoo.com
  7. The pics are his from one of his posts in the "parts for sale" section ,these are the same as the ones he made for me . I will post pics of mine asap , as for the trany mount I think I am going to make my own out of some thick aluminum plate I have , seems strong enough. edit. sorry the pics are so tiny
  8. I got the plates and spacers for $100 shiped , $50 for the spacers and $50 for the plates including shipping ,I know its about the same price as JTR but I saved money on shipping and they are realy much nicer than the JTR pieces , NCchris does some beautifull machine work.
  9. Got my set back plates and spacers yesterday beautifull machine work [made by NCchris] Maby someone can help on this or confirm , if I put the drivers side set back plate against the block then I wont need to trim the motor mount , but if I put the spacer against the block then I will need to trim the mount ....any issues with puting the set back plate against the block ? it seems and looks like more clearance to me and in the JTR book in chapter 3 on page 10 it shows a mock up with the set back plate against the block so...which way is it supposed to go ? either way ?
  10. Thanks Chris I got them last night , beautifull machine work ! question about position of pieces on drivers side , the way you have them in your pic with the plate against the block will it interfere with anything else ? I saw in the JTR book in chapter 3 page 10 they show a mockup using the set back plate against the block and the spacer between the set back plate and the crossmember motor mount... pretty much how you had them arranged in the pic, but in the writen part they talk about triming the chevy motor mount to make it fit but that's if the spacer is sandwiched between the block and the plate which then puts the chevy mount on the plate and right next to the bolts that go through the plate into the block , so if I put the plate against the block I wont neet to trim the mount but if I put the spacer against the block I will need to trim the mount,any problems doing this ? Thanks again for the beautifull pieces .
  11. Here's one , his name is Dean he does a lot of 4x4 stuff but not limited to 4x4 he also does cryo treatment on just about anything . There are other fabrication parts manufactures with similar setups that are made to be custom adapted to fit with different bar lengths and arm lengths, many have multiple link mount holes on the arms for quick and easy changes and Dean would make them with whatever you want http://www.kickassoffroad.com/kick_ass_offroad_final_007.htm
  12. I looked at both the links and niether one realy answers the guys question , yes they swap no they dont swap , bolts right up easy and wont bolt up requires extensive modification . I am currently repairing my 240 dash and swaping in a 280 tach before I install it in my 280 chassis so I will try to post details on what needs to be done. Make It Work !
  13. Couple questions ....what size fuel cell is that and what year is that 240z ? no tool/storage boxes so is it a first generation 240z ?
  14. Just saying thanks Chris, cant wait till they are finished !
  15. These pics are before installing the one ton axles
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