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  1. Car sold folks. On to restoring my classic 1966 Mustang Fastback GT!
  2. The car sold. Deposit received. Closing the deal this Sunday. Thanks.
  3. MIne is much better looking than the image from the interweb found above. In very good condition, slight dog-earing of one corner of front cover. No pages missing. Rare item. Covers 1974 Datsun 260Z and 260Z 2+2 $100 plus shipping to your door. PM me for more.
  4. Yesterday, I bolted the body panels back on the car. Not real concerned about tweaking panel fit, just making it look more photogenic. The asking price just went to $1700 nego, less the second set of doors since someone here needs a left door. Good-buy! Good-bye!
  5. OK boys and girls. I still have that new radiator and selling it with the shroud $300 plus shipping to your door. Purchased to replace my rotted 240Z radiator, never installed. Has internal trans cooler. LMK! Txt me at 404-247-8485
  6. If you offer 240ZHoke enough money, he might sell you the exact car you want.
  7. Jokin', If I bolt it together, just hanging the panels on, the price jumps to $1800 for HZ'ers. Send me a deposit for 25% and contact Passport Transport to arrange pick-up. Let me know the shipping estimate so we both can have a good laugh.
  8. Forget what I said about no more discounts. I just posted it on Craigslist at $1700 but to you good folks at Hybrid Z, if you contact me before the end of the month, I'll sell ya a good Datsun 240Z for $1500 but you must reference Hybrid Z to get that price. AS IS, WHERE IS. Come and get it!
  9. OK boys and girls. I still have that new radiator and selling it with the shroud $300. I still have that car which can be yours for a sweet $1800. Sale pending from a craigslist buyer tomorrow for the intake @ $150. $50 of his money taken as a deposit. LMK!
  10. I have an early 280Z Tank. Vat cleaned and pressure tested, Some surface rust that can be easily sanded clean. $150 and shipping from 30082 PM if interested. SOLD!
  11. Sorry folks. sKwared got everything. What he didn't get: N42 Non-webbed EFI intake. "Z" logo floormats from MSA New radiator 1973 240Z prepped for rotisserie restoration. All parts stored, bagged and tagged. 280Z Fuel Tank PM me with your list.
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