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  1. I was curious if you ever had problems with your exhaust manifold warping with the heat wrap? Did you have any problems?


  2. Hey, just checking on the status of the manifold/fuel line/balance tube I purchased from you. Have you sent it yet? Payment went through on Feb. 6 but I have not heard anything from you. Please PM me with an update.

  3. hey Kevin, check my ad for the yellow car in "cars for sale" and see what you think!
  4. I have an NA pan from an 83 that I welded a drain to and painted black. I'm in dothan, AL. Drain is in stock zxt location.
  5. I might be selling that banana soon, not sure if I'm gonna put everything back together beforehand or not.
  6. sorry about that, oops, i'll get them out safe and soon!
  7. i have a nice uncracked matching pair for $45 shipped or $25 for just the passenger side. PM if interested
  8. I have one zxt shaft from an 83 that I'll do $20 shipped on. Pm for paypal info if interested.
  9. wow, cant wait to see this thing finished! hope it or the dime makes it to auto-x soon! i've got to get off my butt and work on my z some, maybe today if the rain will hold off! looks great though!
  10. i have one that I just removed from my 77. worked fine, went with autometer so i don't need it anymore. PM if interested
  11. How much are you wanting for it Joel?
  12. i have an adjustable one for sale, 30-75 psi, uses NPT fittings, aluminum finish, made by professional products. I'll sell it for $60 plus shipping. PM me if interested.
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