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  1. lol seriously though. ive got some serious electrical bugs in my s130 and they are beyond me. (and im about to finish electronics in school too lol) ive got no headlights(as of 2 days ago) and my clearance(park)lights are on a seperate switch. anyone in the austin area willing to help me out. i go to school at nite and this doesnt help.
  2. ok so i got the park lights on a switch(with my fog lights to (thank god) i was driving to blanco and my headlights went dead....wtf. i cant figure this out i know i caught a z gremlin now i jsut got find it.
  3. ok so i jumped the ports where the relay is. and when i tried to turn them on it burned up a fuseable link. im gonna try to patch that link and see if maybe it was already going(looked like it was) perhaps this was the problem im not sure. i know ive got good ground. and by the way the link burned up im preety sure ive got a short i jsut need to find it.
  4. omfg can someone post a pic of the damn fuse cover that i can read the labels on please ive got 3 dead fuses. when i checked with a meter. if your know the car. your looking at the box. its the top 2 closest to the door(right side of box) and the bottom one all the way on the right
  5. 1981 280zx stripper non turbo 2 seater. last nite i lost my parking lights(not good i was surounded by cops) ok so i check fuses there all good relay gets power and clicks. i have the dash lights grounded so they work(black wire with a red traacer. so im asuming its a short anyone know of common places this system shorts out on the zx's? or any other ideas. headlights high beams and brakes turn signals all work. thanks all hybriders atx_s130
  6. well i got it done. adn its alright. wound up with 2inch pipe cause thats all they had. this is definatly temp. anyone else havwe a flowbie mines really quiet till about 4500 rpms then its raspy sounding. vid and pics tomorow:icon45:
  7. i lvie in austin whenever ppl get to close to my z ride my ass or cut me off i leave em alone. however if they persist ill cut em off and make sure thy see the loaded 12 ga in the back window. in texas its fully legal to carry a loaded long arm in a gun rack. hell ive had it beetween the center consol and front seat beenpulled over and gotten no ♥♥♥♥ for it. and it was loaded then too!
  8. hope it comes out well. ive got the old school nissmo header 6-3-2-1 with a custom collector for the 2 to 1 section. and about 3 feet of 2.5inch pipe to where the cat used to be. beyond that its gonna be 2.5 inch all the way out to a 2 chamber 30 seires flowmaster. with a rusty old tip for some street camo:-o . ill post some pics when its all done
  9. wasnt e a sx driver. if so yeah proly hit a pole if he did it in a z ill slap him. in any z give it gas and turn the wheel itll go the other way they have the torque and power to move out of the way:burnout:
  10. all i ahve is header intake mild cam and a balanced crank oh and an lsd the other day i got a boxer s (wtf ever that is) to play. i let him get me 3 times b4 finally demolishing him from a stop. when we got to the next light he asked me how much i wanted for my car. i told him he doesnt deserve a z
  11. vid should be up soon im makeing and compressing a compeleation problem is most of my footage has other ppl in it. im leaving in a few of my buddy in his first gen mr2 and my other friend in his hatchi. also i might wait to get my footage in two weeks im going to nopi for d q(drift quailifing) so i can compete this year ill see how that goes and post a vid of that too
  12. i drift my 280zx all the time its fine but you gotta actually be an expiranced drifter to do it. first off you have to always have enough momentem to throw the weight to the back then inertia drift work best but if you have an lsd you can ove inertia and powerover to get very nice drifts ill post some vid one i finish compressing it
  13. atx_s130

    Exhaust Note

    im running the nissmo header and nothing else its got about 3 feet of pipe to where my cat used to be soon im gonna put a 2.5inch cherry bomb on it out to a hks medalion. but im gonna run a cut out too so whenever i want i can let her breathe!
  14. ill try to get one from you next week gotta wait for payday
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