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  1. Looking for both outer door skins to replace the ones on my ‘78. Preferably near the Louisville, KY area
  2. Made poorly. They would take more work to fit well enough that I’d be happy, than I care to put in to them.
  3. I have them. Ordered from JPN but came from fiberglass mafia. Test fitted and put them back in the box. I’m not really all that happy with the quality. I’ll probably sell and order a carbon set.
  4. Top photo is the dimmer rheostat for dash lighting.
  5. I've just had almost no time to be in the shop. I did get the FPR back on after I rebuilt it and it's holding pressure like it's supposed to. However it's still taking several tries to get it to start and idle. Not sure what the deal is. I pretty much just need to bleed the brakes and I should be able to drive it.
  6. You might beat me to getting back on the road....
  7. Never noticed you had a gauge on the inspection lid. Fuel pressure?
  8. Also look at http://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-280z/brake-upgrades
  9. If it's the flywheel loosening, you will hear a change depending on if the pedal is depresse. Just went through that on mine. Your best bet is to use the screwdriver or a stethoscope to track it down.
  10. I have all the mirrors and badges you are looking for. Also, I should have a couple of good condition consoles.
  11. I know I can get them on yahoo Japan but since he'll be there,I figure I can save a few dollars.
  12. I could be wrong. Tony, you would know better than I. I'm just going off what I've been reading the past few years. If they are still available, do you have parts numbers?
  13. A good friend is heading over for the next month and will try to source a set of fender mirrors for me while there. I know they are NLA from the dealer, but does anyone know somewhere around Tokyo that may have some?
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