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  1. Chickenman Thanks for the info. One more silly question do you know what kind of thread for the water sensor?
  2. Quick question on the SP500. Did you wire those LS1 coil directly to ECU or additional ignition box ? Are you runnuing semi-sequential or waste? Thank you
  3. There are not many rhd in the US and it cost a lot more than LHD. I have one RHD from Japan but Im not selling at the moment. However, I can help you get one and I speak Thai.
  4. How are you planning to import one to Thailand? TonyD you went to Thailand a lot lately
  5. So does 001 go to the rear now? I have 001 in the front and it is high.
  6. Yes, very interesting chain setup.
  7. Any update on this topic? I just saw a car on speedhunter web with this setup. Look like it has the front cover on to use L waterpump and distributor. Coolant hose doesnt hook up and they said its not complete yet
  8. Ill take it off your hand pm sent.
  9. Anybody know what blue color code for this 2 zs? Never seen them in person and it's hard to tell. and the star road 240z
  10. Do you have one with red brake and orange turning signal? (Euro/Japanese style)
  11. I'm interesting. Will it fit original chrome trim?
  12. Yahoo auction Japan has it all over. You just need to figure out how to ship those things here. Search s30z Frp
  13. Question... Would RB20det off 200zr with its motor mount will fit right into 240z?
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