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  1. I called Eibach to confirm that 001 goes up front, and 002 goes on the rear. The Eibach tech didn't know why the front lifted... He said they make them special for a distributor (MSA I pressume). I am rather annoyed, and haven't gone back to that aspect of my car. I will eventually call MSA and ask what the deal is.
  2. Sounds ridiculously mean... I think you need to buy a new mic for your camera though. What are the specs on the engine build?
  3. FSM = Factory Service Manual Sounds like you didn't wire something correctly at the distributor, coil, etc... Replace your rotor and cap if there is rust.
  4. I don't think a turbo will weigh it down enough... probably needs another 150lbs to drop it 1/2"... good idea though! Only weight reduction up front is the removal of the smog pump and AC unit. I have a 280Z radiator so that adds a smidge. Even with the smog and AC unit the car wouldn't drop much at all. Sounds like the plan of action. I can probably go up to 3/8" until the mounting insulator bolts are too short. I will raise the back up first then work on the cutting of the front springs. I will post updated photos with exact measurement when done...
  5. I called Eibach late Friday to try to get some answers, and the rep basically said the 240Z spring kit is discontinued, and they specially make them for a vendor (I presume MSA). He stated they didn't have any information about the technical aspects since the part for them has been discontinued for so long. I will get on the horn with MSA today, but not expecting much. The thank wasn't even half full. Where did you get the spacer? Looks like I am going to have to cut coils in the front to make this look right... what a pain in my rear.
  6. Perhaps, randy, but according to all docs and other peoples conversations with MSA and Eibach, the 001 goes up front and 202 goes in the rear. Leon might have a point with the labels being printed on the wrong springs... hmmm... From my attached photos, you can see the rear springs (labeled 6305.202) have quite a few more coils closer together (more progressive?)... would it make sense that those should be in the front... This is what I will have to clarify with Eibach to debunk the possible mis-labeling issue.
  7. Yeah, I have read through them all. I'll update this thread as I figure it all out.
  8. The rear definately dropped about 1/2", but the front did not... it should be lower. The springs have been on for about 50 miles through bumpy roads... I was hoping they would settle in, but haven't. Yes, and your part number is 6303.XXX as opposed to my 6305.XXX (referencing Miles post just above). They also stated there was slop between the perches, and I had to use a spring compressor to get mine on. My car is a '73 240Z. That post was helpful, and appears he ran into the exact same problem as me. He has 240Z struts and 260Z struts to interchang
  9. I have found a few threads on this issue, but no real resolution. The front sits noticeably higher (over 1") after the installation... it appears the front didn't even drop a millimeter from stock. Springs: Eibach Lowering Kit Shocks: KYB Checks: 6305.001 springs are on the front. 6305.202 springs are on the rear. The label and part number are right-side up so you can read them. The springs are seated properly. The control arm bolts/nuts were tightened with the load of the car (not on jack stands). Does anyone have a clue as to why the front did not lower? Seems
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