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  1. I had my transmission rebuilt this past week by a local mechanic and he was able to use the 5th gear from an '81-'83 close ratio 5-speed in the '77-'80 wide ratio 5-speed he rebuilt. This keeps the best of both transmissions. The superior acceleration from the early one and the taller cruise gear from the latter. My mechanic was resistant to write up how he did this and I'm no mechanic, but he did say he assembled and lined up everything as if the tranny was in neutral and then had to drill holes in a difference place in order to make it work. I apologize for not being more helpful, but I can say this is possible because I've driven the finished product. When I asked him to try this, he warned me their would be a large difference between 4th and 5th gear but I had driven both transmission and wasn't worried about it. After assembly, he said their was much less of a difference than he expected. I'm very happy with the setup since I get the acceleration back and I keep the lower rpm's at cruise.
  2. The mechanic that works on all my cars here in Fredericksburg has an employee that is rebuilding my 280zx 5 speed now. I originally had a transmission shop in Kerrville do it (prior to the local mechanic being hired) about a year ago and they did a poor job. The current mechanic found many things the transmission shop did poorly and seems very knowledgeable to me. Doc's Auto Fredericksburg, TX 830-997-0421
  3. Thanks for the idea on the tweeters iaconsultants. I'll definately add that to my to-do list. The motor on the sunroof I looked at was in the front and I've already been warned there will be a noticable difference in thickness where the motor is. I did plan to add the soundproofing barrier to minimize that difference though. Also, I would think a larger sunroof would be easier for the sheetmetal to support since it means there is less sheet metal around the perimeter. I also read about a product called dynaPlate which I might use on the roof. It's lighter, and stronger, than the original dynamat. i guess it also could provide more structural support to the roof sheetmetal but I have no clue on that. http://www.dynamat.com/products_automotive_dynaplate.html I will definately go for the biggest sunroof I can. I'm 6'5" and have about a 1/2" clearance between the roof and my head. Add the autocross helmet I just bought on eBay, and you can imgine the need for a sunroof.
  4. I looked at an electronic sunroof similar to iaconsultants's in San Antonio earlier this week and was very impressed with it. Thankfully, my 240z already has a pop-up sunroof in it so all I'm doing is making the hole slightly larger. In fact, I was so impressed, I've moved my paint job up to this June so I can get the sunroof done at the same time. If you are considering adding a sunroof to your Z, take a look at this product: www.mysunroof.com The Hollandia Stratos 300 or 300 L will fit in the Z. It will run $795 installed.
  5. I'm getting close to having to pick out an exhaust system for my 240z and would like to hear some real life examples. I know what I want it to sound like but have no idea how to make it happen. I have read several existing threads and even listened to the sound files I've found, but I'd like to take advantage of the real life rumble. If any of yall will be attending the West Coast Z Car Show on April 28th or 29th, 2007 please contact me via this thread or PM. My Z has what I expect is a stock ('75-'78) 280z N/A motor with SU's and a new MSA 3-2 Coated Header. Although I will listen to a V8 Z, I doubt I will convert mine over. Just can't bring myself to do it to a '70. Thanks.
  6. I recently upgraded my front calipers thanks in large part to this site. The NAPA part numbers were 2426648 & 2426649. I don't remember what was stamped on them though. Napa advised they would work on the following Toyota's: 84-85 4 Runner 4WD 79-85 Pickup 4WD The junkyard I purchsed my cores from revised the year range on the 4-Runner to: 84-88 I have no idea on the engine though. My mechanic installed them on my stock (I assume) 240z rotor and that it was bolt on with the exception of cutting the dust shield. He also said there was plenty of room for a thicker rotor. Hope this helps.
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