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  1. I'm running haltech E6K for years, and had no problems, does everything it says it will, and reliably. I'm sure the windows software would be even more of an incentive with the e6x too..
  2. Racer X, some pics here.. http://www.zclub.net/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=402 majik16106, Yeah its been a while! You have to go 1jz! Managed to do a 12.5 in the car at last, just a bit quicker than the previous owner, but the nice split wastegate dump (y) pipe will go on soon, just not sure if I'm brave enough to do it myself.. The car will be in a UK magazine called JTuner next month, we did a thrash with 8 other 240z/260z, and had F1 style timing equipment so could do a 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile, top speed etc. was great fun, although I blew a hose off and s
  3. still around - been very busy doing a complete respray - don't ask! got myself some great new suspension bits courtesy of azcarbum and others and a new set of turbo dump pipes courtesy of lew in Oz.. all due to be set up soon!
  4. A long time ago, (about 3 years) I actually did the swap from 2" SUs to triple dellortos (similar to webers). I had dyno plots before and after from the same dyno. I found I lost almost no low down torque, but gained about 5-8 % from 4000 I recall. I'll see if I can find the plots....
  5. Thanks! well, all that was done while the cars was in Australia, when I brought it to the UK it didn't have to have half as many checks done on it, just an MOT test and that was it! A few other things have been done since the article namely a LSD and a few other bits and pieces, and a good mapping session which was the most important thing!
  6. Thanks! Well got some of me doing a some timed laps, a bit less impressive though. will try and upload soon The run down on my car as of a couple of years ago is at http://www.blkmgk.com under pics, 1jz in 240z. its a loooong set of articles though. I shall also be in the next issue of banzai http://www.banzaimagazine.com for a more up to date record.. I should really get my own website up, I know!! figures are at the hubs, running 14 psi some more pics here
  7. Apologies if people have seen this before, but thought it might be of interest to people here: My 1jz powered 240z being driven on an airfield, wouldn't exactly call it drifting, but close. 1jz 240z vid
  8. Ha! I'm sure if it comes to the engine, Majik is the one to ask the questions to! The car drives great though, with an excellent spread of power. Of course you have to be careful putting the power down at corner exits, but that is all part of the fun! Since my car is running standard turbos etc. it drives very sedately round town, the power is just there if you need it. see the dyno plot below, it shows figures at the wheels (or rather hubs) on UK dyno @ 14 psi (I believe US dynos read higher?) but shows a nice progressive curve. Just took the car round the track at
  9. Theer are loads of questions answered here http://www.blkmgk.com Click on pictures and you'll see some scans of the zoom article about the car I now own Thanks again blkmgk for hosting these! I have a W58 and it works fine, but if you can get an R154, this is a stronger gearbox, and you can get it to bolt right up with the right bell housing (buying a manual 1jz is your best bet though!) My car has an R200 LSD from a DR30 skyline, and has the shafts modifed to suit. CVs from a 280 would definitely be a worthy upgrade though, but I do recommend the LSD too!!! I bougt the
  10. hey majik, what was the video it was on? Sounds like you have a good collection, any other Oz videos/dvds you think is worth getting?
  11. Some great pics! best of luck with it! I would def go with the ZG type bolt-on flares, love the jap racer look... I was thinking of doing it to mine, but the thought of drilling and cutting clean bodywork made me have second thoughts..
  12. Got a reply from Ben, he said it appeared briefly in Serious Performance 5 when he took it to Wakefield Park Raceway. He said at the time it had no LSD and the shocks were stuffed, so it was wheel spinning and bouncing its way around the track, but it was still about the fastest thing there. He said he was breezing by the GT-Rs on the straight! Serious Business were apparently going to do a more involved feature on the car, but the opportunity never came up. oh well... waiting impatiently for the vid now!
  13. is this the one? If so will have to order it! wonder if it is in any other vids now! thanks majik Kalium, I'll try and take some pics of the mounts and post them soon, cheers guys
  14. no way!!!!!!!!!!!! gotta see it! I was thinking that there must be a vid of my car out there.. its got a couple of 'drift tengoku' stickers on it so thought could be on one of them.. is it a jap or aussie vid? where can I get it???
  15. The engine in my car was from a supra, but went aftermarket ECU straight off.. I think its a better option in the long run, especially if you are be doing mods on a gradual basis like I plan on doing... you can then just keep tuning with what you have.. I think it is worth doing the front mount intercooler decent exhaust etc. whilst you're at it too. I just wish they'd done the Y-pipe on my engine before they fitted it. I heard its a bit of a job to get the standard one off, is this true majik? I think blkmgk still hosts the article on my car, some useful info about mounts in it. h
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