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  1. Yup....its changed....
  2. Not looken to pay OEM prices.
  3. Just need one. Its the taller one. Here's a pic. Shipping to 95020. EBay has one for 33$ shipped. But I'd rather support a hybridz member
  4. I see it now. Was on Mobil site and it did now load the bottom half. It was cut off after the R230 stuff. Ha!
  5. None of the links you provided sent me to that page.
  6. Not looken for stubb axles. Just the flanges. The ones I need are for the four (4) bolt cv's. Thanks though.
  7. Not what I'm looking for but thanks for the help. I included a pic of the exzact flanges I need.
  8. Looken to finish up my R200 CLSD install. If anyone has a set or if someone can get me a fair deal on a set. Please let me know.
  9. Was given one by a friend. Thanks everyone.
  10. Interested please send pics.
  11. Looken for one of these Lil guys.... Please pm or email me with details. Will need pics. Jim1381@charter.net. Shipping to 95020.
  12. I'm liking that hood...Where did you get it? IIRC its carbon fiber?..Good looken car man.
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