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  1. Just realized my predictive text made me sound like a grammatical idiot, my apologies!
  2. Just a thought, maybe the car runs with starting fluid because the fuel injectors are being told to shut off. Mine did this when the fuel injection ecu went bad, it happened suddenly, and soon as I plugged in one of my buddies ecu's she purred like a kitten again. Just take 30 seconds to check if you know someone with a running Z to swap with real quick.
  3. I had the same thing happen to mine once, turned out to be the cylinder head temp sensor on the front by the distributor. Nissan doesn't sell the correct one anymore, but we did a bunch of cross referencing at an old school parts house, and wound up finding one for a toyota pickup that fit and worked perfectly. Basically when that thing conks out it makes the fuel injection dump heavily so you get black smoke on acceleration, and finally clog up your plugs, and possibly washing the cyliders in the process. There's a procedure how to check the sensor in one of my old chilton manuals, which is in storage at the moment, but see if you can find it. Also another real quick easy check is to swap FI computers with someone real quick, altho in my experience, the car quits completely when those fail.
  4. zbratt23

    77 & 78 COMPLETE partout

    Hey Sticky, I need the metal pipes that go thru the fire wall for the heater hoses. Just the 3" long connection that the rubber hoses slide onto either side of the fire wall. Mine sprung a leak today, and it's get REALLY cold up here....
  5. zbratt23

    280Z Floor pans

    I have a set of new floor pans with support rails from Zedd Findings that are still in the box. Turns out that one needed more than was feasible to fix, so I don't need them anymore. They were $368 with the shipping to the states. I'll ship them to you for the price he sells them for, $299. I do paypal, or can meet somewhere in the northwest if someone around here needs them.
  6. zbratt23

    76 parts, whole L28, etc..

    ECU, wiring harness and a/f meter sold...
  7. zbratt23

    76 parts, whole L28, etc..

    The engine is sold guys, sorry, sold last night, my bad on not updating the thread. Any other parts, let me know.
  8. zbratt23

    76 parts, whole L28, etc..

    Hey guys, I finally tore the drive train out of my 76 to make room for a 2jz swap. I thought I'd offer the stuff up here since it's all still good before I have it all recycled... L28 engine - starts right up every time, 155psi in cyl #1, and 150 psi in the other 5 cyls. Includes starter, clutch&flywheel, fan, belts, coil, and a bad ass 105amp alternator with the harness plug. I pulled it out whole, and that's how she sits - comes with everything....$100 obo I have the injection harness and fuel controller out also....$15+shipping... 4sp tranny, shifts nice, not leaking, will sell for the price of shipping any little things under the hood you might need, pm me, most of the stuff I don't need for the 2j. I can send pics if you like, and I am looking for some interior and suspension parts if anyone wants to do a trade, thanks
  9. Hi, my name is Dawn, and I'm addicted to Z's.....I had 9 at one time, I'm on #18 right now, and Datsun #23.... now my husband's got me into Supras too...this is going to get pretty crazy
  10. zbratt23

    car hesistates

    Dude, start with the tank, just had that issue with a ZX I inherited. Timing issues don't usually just happen all of a sudden, unless that line just fell off while you were driving. The whole car should probably be gently massaged before you expect too much from her. Check the resistance on all your plug wires, replace the plugs, etc...
  11. zbratt23

    cylnder compression

    Powerglide's right, sounds gunky, and all of my older Z's had the same issue, they all ran on the rich side. Once you have all the exhaust leaks covered, (don't forget to check the bend at the bottom of the downpipe!) and clean out the rings a little, make sure your gas mileage is right. It should be somewhere around 21-27 mpg depending on your driving. If it's noticably lower, that's a sure sign that one of the computer inputs to the fuel injection system has failed, and it's running default. Last one I had was the cylider head temp sensor, overnight I went from 23mpg to 14mpg. And no more running down to the corner market! Make the drive at least 5 miles to let the engine warm up and run in closed loop mode every time you drive it, that'll help with the build up of crap from the rich fuel system. That fuel injection bible really is helpful if you don't know EFI.
  12. Unfortunately, I'm touring the beautiful country of Iraq right now, otherwise I would already have asked where and when I could pick you up. Sorry!! But once I'm back, if anyone needs any type of assistance in western Washington, don't hesitate to give me a shout! My email is listed ,and checked throughout the day.
  13. Dude, wow. You know, next time, search the members on Hybridz for someone that lives in the area!! I live very close to there, have extra beds, a shop, and all the parts/tools you'd need! Always willing to help out a fellow Z chap!