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  1. I don't currently have a 5 spd transmission that I want to use, so I guess the earlier ones are better for the shorter input shaft. The tranny I have right now is an AODE automatic that came with the car, not much excitement there.
  2. Thanks for all the info guys, Right now i'm still in the parts gathering stage and didn't want to waste my time on a transmission or other parts that wouldn't fit. I currently have a pretty nice/original 1983 Porsche 944 that might be a candidate for this motor also, but I would have to use the somewhat weak Porsche rear transaxle that is connected to the motor by a torque tube. Fortunately, the later (86 and up) 944 turbo cars have a transaxle that will bolt right in and handle 350 HP with ease.
  3. I currently have a sweet running 118,000 mile 5.0L V8 along with an AODE automatic transmission out in my barn from a GT Mustang parts car that I might save for a 240Z or 280Z swap (whichever I can find a nice cheap example of). I plan to use the Brian Laine mounting kit if it is still available, but i'm wondering what changes I need to make to the motor for fitment. Is there much difference between a 95 5.0L Ford V8 and a 87-93 5.0L V8 ? I don't really intend on using the automatic trans for this swap and would much rather have a T-5 5 speed unit. I also plan on running a small (550-625cfm) 4 bbl on a weiand dual plane intake and some porting and polishing on the stock heads until I can afford a nice set of AFR aluminum heads and some 1.7-1 ratio roller rockers all from that CAR CRAFT article about the 405hp 302 with the stock internals. Any thoughts, ideas ?
  4. I have a really nice 81 ZX gauge cluster for $30 plus shipping......it should be the same as the 79.
  5. I have an almost complete 81 ZXT motor, let me know what you need. I can't/won't ship the block, but everything else I can.
  6. I have one still on an 81 ZXT motor. If you still need one, i'll check it out. Chris CKelly1965@aol.com
  7. I have a full used set from an 83 N/A with rings, rods, wrist pins, and rod bearings. Chris CKelly1965@aol.com
  8. I voted for Porsche 911 preferably with a turbo.....so sweet sounding and everything works together so well. The handling is predictable, and the looks are timeless. For another choice, I would consider a convertible early mustang or GTO regardless how it drove.
  9. I have a good pair from a 82 280ZX that uses the R-200 also. Not sure if they would work in your car though. Chris
  10. I have a set that are still on tires (I will dismount) for $175 shipped.
  11. OK Warezdog, let me know. Chris
  12. I have two compressors that I will sell for $20 each plus shipping.
  13. I have a new (1-2 years old) radiator with cap and drain and 2 piece shroud from Checker's Auto Parts in great shape all for $40 plus shipping (UPS ground rates). Chris
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