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  1. Thanks guys, This truck is crazy, it has air cylinders on the doors to assist in opening and closing. You pull the handle from the outside and the air opens the door, press the handle and it closes it. We only have a few more months left over here, so far the time has gone by fast. Time to go so I can email the wife Lou
  2. Well I just picked up my new DD the other day and I thought I would post a pic of me standing by it. I am not sure what rims I am going to go with yet I need to search around and see what is offered. Lou Oh yea and it does have a turbo
  3. Ok so here is the possible deal, it looks like the new dashes would be between 325.00 - 350.00 that is based on an order of 2000.....Do you all think there is 2000 Z's that their owners would be willing to replace the dash? Once I get the sample dash to the company they will be able to give me a more accurate price. Lou
  4. Thank you for that information, I am waiting on an estimated price, they said that I would have to have at least 2000 made to make it worth it......LOL I just hate to think of selling 100 - 200 and having 1800 left in my garage, attic, living room. We will see. Lou
  5. Hmmm only thing not turning that way is the front tires.......might be worth looking at if everything else looks good. Lou
  6. The company said that they could make the dashboards Sent email back to get some details on the whole process, they also asked about how many I needed to have made. Does this sound like an accurate description of how the Z's dashboards were made? dashboards were made out of polyurethane foam, pressure molded onto the metal frame. Textured vinyl is vacuum shrink-wrapped as a final finish. One last thing does anyone have an old dash that would not be good to use in a car but good enough to be sent to this company so they can use it as a pattern? Thank you, Louis
  7. J. Soileau - Thank you for the pics. rturbo 930 - sure I can use 280 pics also I will email these pics and see what they say. Thank you, Lou
  8. The company is out of china, they have several dashboards that they make for late model cars and suv's. I just need a few pic's to email them so they can see if they would able to reproduce them. Thanks, Lou
  9. OK I just received an email back from this company that manufactures dashboards....they are asking for pictures, so does anyone have a 240z dash that is out of the car and can take a few pics of it so I can send them to this place? Or does anyone have links to some pics? I am going to continue my search online and see if I can get what I am looking for also. Thank you for your help, Lou
  10. Thank you and yes that is the information that I was looking for, now for the fun part finding some good samples to send to the company. Lou
  11. Wow, get hammered for not searching, and hammered when someone does.
  12. Let me try it over here, I asked in the interior section but no luck. I did do a search on this and did not find out the answer. With the 240, 260 and 280 how many different dash pads are there? The reason I am asking is that I found a company that says and I quote "We manufacture various dashboards, suitable for Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Fiat, and Honda. We can produce according to customer's samples." And I thought, If I can get a good dash for each model Z, maybe this company can make us some new ones that might not cost an arm an
  13. Didn't I see some headlight covers on JCR web site, pg 15 or 16 I think. Lou
  14. You could also check the wheel bearing and make sure it's not loose. Lou
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