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  1. Hey, car was found in Cupertino behind some mall last Monday. Insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow to come asses. Fools took the smoked signals, wheels/tires, stereo, speakers and center console, strut braces, and a bunch of interior trim. But they left basically everything that's hard to get or expensive (coilovers, bumpers, engine, zx 5speed and diff) They could have messed it up a lot more so I think I got off easy. The thing that pisses me off the most is that the forklift that courtesy tow yard used to move my car around totally crushed the lower tank of my radiator. Now I have to replace that too!
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty down. The memories are worth more than the car is worth in my opinion. It was my first car. It was DEFINITELY stolen. My landlady has a security camera and it shows 2 guys watching for traffic while a 3rd dude drives off in it. Can't really make out their faces though. I've been checking craigslist too. There are certain features on this car I can recognize from a mile away, even if it's repainted. Subtle things that only a Z owner would understand. BTW, it has no cat on it, so it won't pass smog (its a 1976), the tires are bald and the clutch is going out, and the registration is due in Dec. Vin# HLS30283344
  3. Hey dudes. My blue 1976 Datsun 280z was stolen last night from the corner of San Fernando and 12th st. in San Jose. It was there at midnight when I came back from the school shop (working on FSAE) and this morning it was gone. If you guys see this car, let me know. plate# 4PVR522 can't remember the vin off the top of my head mods: GC coils, tokico illuminas, MSA sways, 83 5spd and rear end, and some other random stuff.
  4. I got some MOOG T/C rubber bushings and they seemed to be the right size. They sure work better than the old ones for sure. Good deal at $15.
  5. Don't forget the fuel lines! I found that the lines that go from the tank to the fuel pump were WAY too short to allow you to access the bumper shock without disconnecting them. And yes I did smell like fuel once the project was over. should have plugged them up with something instead of simply trying to angle them upward haha:icon56:
  6. Here's a pic of mine after the swap. Made my own front brackets similar to what was on the previous page. Used the stock 240z rear beackets bent a little to fit in the rear.
  7. BTW, Kaaz and Tomei LSD's are made in the same factory, they are identical units. It's like saying "Buy a power brute or a nismo".
  8. I'l probably end up getting on of these, considering the powerbrute is now out of comission (japan earthquake destroyed the tooling). Just got a 5 speed out of a 83 zx and I'll be going back for the 3.90 diff tomorow. My future diff will most likely end up in that one. Should be fun.
  9. Those are amazing. Looks like good craftsmanship. I don't think the isolators experience anything but compression when the cars on the ground and a little tension when it's on jackstands, so your units should work as long as they fit well. These look like the prefect solution to adding some ride hight to those cars which have maxed out the coilover sleeve and still want to go a little higher, or whose lowering springs make it difficult on around-town journeys.
  10. Not recently, but that shouldn't be the issue here should it? My first guess would be a mechanical issue, not an allignment issue. Seems to me that an alignment couldn't solve the problems I've been having, or am I mistaken?
  11. Wheel bearings are not loose. Infact, my car passed tech at an autoX last month, and I haven't driven much since then. It's also not the steering insulator, because I've upgraded to the urethane unit. I guess I'll keep chasing it down...
  12. I have coilovers, sectioned about 1.25 inches. Sportmax 002 16x8 with 225/50 Falkens. I'd say its at least 1.75 inches lower than stock. I'm sure I do have some bumpsteer issues, but I can't remember it being this bad when I had my old 14x7 rims on there, which leads me to believe that something is wearing out. Especially since the steering wheel doesn't come back to center after I hit bumps/go around corners.
  13. Hey. Just got some new wheels and tires and it's really magnified my steering issues. I just replaced both steering outer tie rod ends, and the problem has persisted. My symptoms: Eveytime I turn the wheel and back (as if i was on a slalom) I hear a pop from the passesnger's side front. I think it might be either the lower ball joint (under the steering knuckle) or the inner tie rod on the steering rack. This noise only occurs while the car is moving down the road. I cannot recreate it when the car is stationary. When I'm cruising down the road, and the passenger wheel hits a bump, the steering wheel changes angle a little, like something was just knocked out of alignment. As it roll over things like manhole covers and bumps, the car darts left and right. Sometimes pulling left, and several bumps later, pulling right. I thought it was the tie rod end, so I replaced it, but it still occurs. This leads me to the two things I mentioned earlier. I think Pusher had a similar issue with his steering (changing angle while driving), but it was never reported what was causing the problem. Any advise would be apreciated. I'll be skipping an autoX to confront this problem unfortunately, so I'd like to be headed in the right direction before tearing things apart.
  14. Actually, he sold them already, I spoke too late. Blacks are on backorder in the groupbuy as well. I contacted Next Level Motoring and they said that Sportmax gets about a containerfull of wheels per day. The also said that Black was the ONLY color they were out of so they should be getting more soon.
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