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  1. It's a fuel gauge with the speedo. The three pod gauges were a little more involved. I cut pieces of plastic to fit flat behind each of the holes, and marked the perimeter of the opening on the plastic. I found the center of the circle and used a hole saw to cut out the opening for the gauge. Each piece was then epoxied in place. Here's the painted dash
  2. 4 1/2" speedo and tach. To mount I used a 5" abs coupler which I cut in half. At its mid point the coupler is ribbed and it is the perfect diameter for the gauge. The pipe fits snug in the dash.
  3. Thanks for your help Ihiryu. I got my gauges earlier this week and they look great. I'll post photos when I get to installing them.
  4. Thanks. If I'm only turning 1 side gear does the diff act the same as if I'm turning both of them in opposite directions? Unless I'm missing something, it makes sense in my head that it would, and the pinion does move smoothly.
  5. I've just picked up a diff from a 91 Q45. This is my first experience with a LSD and I'm a little concerned about it: 1) Turning on either output takes a lot of force. I can do it by hand, but it is tough. A lot tougher than any of the open diff's seen - is this normal? 2) Looking at the diff it doesn't look like the drain or fill plugs, or any of the bolts on the cover have seen a wrench in years. When I opened the cover there was hardly any fluid. Nothing looks irregular inside (I think), but I'm worried that this thing is toast. Is there anything I can do to give it a more thourough inspection?
  6. Curious if you still live in Emdmonton.

    I'm going to be installing MS 2 in my 280ZX and would appreciate any guidance you could offer.


  7. I've seen some pictures where the harnesses are attached to the strut tower bar. I have no idea if its against regs, or even strong enough. I just know that I've seen it a few times.
  8. Ya I try and avoid that place as much as I can. I was there this summer and I needed a 280Z front wheel hub. First he brought a 280zx, then a 240z and then the third time I went back into the yard with his guy to point out what the proper hub looked like. Not my favorite place to go, but sometimes I have no choice. I try and make a point to walk around pick and pull or karbashers every couple of weeks just to see if there are any Zs there and take everything I can if I find one (which still isn't very often)
  9. Car looks like a lot of fun. I'm in Edmonton too, but I'm with Calgary (that just sounds wrong) and am running a turbo, I used to run the triple webers though. Let me know if you need anything. I'd love to see that beast. Also, if you're around Edmonton this summer, you should pull the car over to one of the Z club meetings (or to one of the autocrosses) and show it off a little.
  10. ah I didn't realize the 240 had a paper glove box. What a silly choice of material.
  11. Ya it sounds like its the tranny to me. especially if the sound moves with RPM and not speed. I would try swapping one of the two 4 speeds you have coming and see what happens. It really doesn't take too long. I had a 5 speed in my car at one time and 5th gear went. The transmission shop wanted 800 to fix it, so I just put the original 4 speed back in. I like the 4 speed and I still get fairly decent mileage on the highway.
  12. Wheel bearings are pretty easy to rule out. Jack up each corner and see if there is any movement side to side, or top to bottom with a good tug and pull on opposite sides of the wheel.
  13. Forgive my ignorance, but is there any advantage to a metal glove box other than the all important look cool factor?
  14. Got caught bringing the car out a little too early last spring. -20C and about 20cm of snow.
  15. I'd like newer. Not new. Ya I agree. I'm not planning to go out and buy something next week. I'm probably not going to seriously look at anything until later in the summer so that I can have it for next winter. I'm just looking to make a list of cars that meet my criteria, and keep an eye open for a good deal. btw - I'm graduating debt free. Because of all of the highway driving, I'd rather not have a RHD. I'd like to be able to pass on the highway still.
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