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  1. T5 manual transmission Photo attached
  2. Shanks, Have a Nissan T5 manual transmission that has been remanufactured via a Memphis machine shop (purchased two; one went into my next 280zxt). T5 is located in Paragould, AR. Stored indoors. Photo available, if interested. jkh280zx
  3. The journey has come to an end. During Labor Day vacation, I drove to Paragould (AR) to see the on-going upgrades to my 1983 280zxt. The following pictures were taken. Much progress has been made and Stage 1 is almost complete as noted in the last photo. I sat in the new leather seats for the first time; all electrical components worked; shifted through the gears; checked out the new speakers (larger than OEM) in the back; the black dashboard and the interior looked great; and the LoneWolf IM looked great under the hood. The pictures tell it all. All chrome pieces, rear mir
  4. Specs of Lonewolf (LW) intake manifold (IM) purchased & runners inter-diameter of an OEM IM (83’ 280zxt). LW IM purchased via JR (spork) (http://www.lonewolfperformance.com/Nissan.htm) Notes: the TB opening is 65 mm (above left); the 240sx TB (to be attached to the LW IM) is 60 mm; the OEM TB opening is 52 mm; and the vacuum ports as noted (above right) are located on the lower side of the plenum, which will make the engine bay have a less cluttered appearance. Personal Communication from James (LWP): “As for the specs on the manifold, I don’t have a “spec
  5. Modification of a stock 83’ IM or to an after-market IM or to an eBay’s premium IM???? In preparation for the next intake manifold (IM) for my Zcar, I have been accumulating pictures, HZ threads and literature in my “wish notebook†to aid in the decision-making process. The following information summarizes just part of this journey. The picture below shows the current status of the existing stock ’83 turbo IM, except the original POV has been removed. Modification of a stock IM: In his HZ thread, Challenger has provided visual information that denotes the obstruction
  6. PYW: Update on Nissan D5733 & Interior Went up to Paragould (AR) and took these pictures. Previous post showed the new coat before wet sanding and polishing. Current Status: I am pleased. All bumpers and chrome pieces have been power coated (black). The wheels will be power coated black with gold painted grooves. The valve cover will also be power coated black with silver letters; a pattern to match the next intake manifold (hint! hint!). New OEM emblems will be returned to their respective locations. A picture is worth a thousand words; something is missing.
  7. These next figures supported the decision-makers, who have recently taken the lead in the refreshment of my Zcar (12/23/09). The following diagrams were obtained from Sam (Parts Manager) at Nissan (Jonesboro, AR). Sam was a great help; he sourced the needed parts within Nissan Incorporation (CA) and the inventories of individual dealerships. He also possesses knowledge about Zcar aftermarket parts; a great source over-and-above MSA and BD. As stated, the windshield was taken out to look for areas that needed attention. One corner spot had only slight surface rust and the top area of the
  8. The last update showed my Zcar being gutted with the target to completely refresh the interior (black) and a new coat-of-paint (dark maroon). First, the body work was done. There were several major problems: area between the windshield and t-top, two underneath “cancer†holes; and the left-front fender area (backing out of narrow garage). Of course, small areas of body surface rust and joint regions between the hood and right-vent section. From what I have read in HybridZ, these are common spots for the 280zx. These areas were addressed as indicated by the pictures below. When I saw
  9. Thanks John!


    Send pictures when its done :wink:

  10. Hey Jocelyn & Bryan, What good news and what a memory for young Ethan. Glad that mother and child are in good health. How about you? Now tell me what one of your rides will be his FIRST ride??? john
  11. madkaw, As a follow-up of what Chris just posted, here are pictures that illustrate the repair of the bubbles on the roof of my 83ZXT and some rust under the windshield (both corners). Not pretty but you all have seen rust before. I did not believe that it was this bad. There were other areas on the body of the car that were repaired. Note the damage to the underside of the roof as seen above. These are the component parts needed from Nissan or others. I purchased 3 of the four parts needed (Nissan). The chrome plate came off ok; the clips were broken (Nissan) and the plasti
  12. Hey, The journey is not complete yet, but this is my first selection for my 83ZXT (5733 paint code). The paint source is ppg at O'Reillys; many domestic and import notebooks can be found. Make sure that you get the Deltron brand and look at the component parts to be sure about matching the clip. Also make sure that the temp reducer is within the ambient temperature when you spray paint your car. Always talk to the head paint guy; OMNI mixing grade will not get you the same quality color as seen in the clip. This is the final results as noted below (the journey not complete yet). Now, ma
  13. Last Thursday, my 280zxt went in for a body make-over. She will come home with a burgundy covering and black interior. I thank Chris (ckelly78z) and those who have provided the black interior parts. Afterwards, I will be selling the tan/brown interior parts that have been taken out of my Zcar. This time, I have purchased a red ‘93 Amigo as my dd and my fishing ride (sure is fun to just get up and go). Yesterday, I went to see the patient; a few photos taken. She was gutted as the body doc stated. Well the task is progressing nicely. I continue to buy new weath
  14. Hey, Many changes have happened to date and, so far, they have been accomplished with a balance of component parts. These changes are addressed in my MsPs thread in HybridZ given below. However, a few problems still exist like an oil leak from the power steering assembly (direct source unknown). Still, planning must guide the next stage of improvements; addressing them together is the challenging part. So I have summarized below what I have been thinking about as being the best combination (Stage2) for my Zcar with a target of drive-ability and 300 HP. My focused question is what can be chan
  15. Recently, purchased the door weatherstrips (34-1082 & 1083) for $299 each side from MSA, not as listed in catalogue. Also, recently, purchased 3 of the four WS for the front windshield for $149 from Gary at Jonesboro Nissan. Purchased extras from Chris (ckelly78z) who currently has two ZXTs in parts-for-sale. Hope this helps.
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