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  1. It is the piece shown behind the hinge in the photo
  2. If you have your rear hatch off, the piece that gets screwed to the hinge is a small piece of bent metal that is bent and welded to the hatch. I need to know the angle of the bend I that little piece of metal.
  3. Can somebody do me a favor and measure the angle of the flanges that screw to the hatch hinges? Either inside angle, or outside angle. I am installing a fiberglass hatch and making the flanges myself. I just need that angle I have attached the dimensions that I measured in case somebody else needs them thanks! datsun hatch flange layout.pdf datsun hatch flange dimensions.pdf
  4. What would happen, if I remove the rear window, and keep the aluminum louvers on a fiberglass hatch? Would that create more or less drag? (BTW, I don't drive in the rain... on purpose)
  5. Wow... I was unaware of this incident. Well anyways, I'm always interested in seeing any media content of s30's, so I would still watch the video.
  6. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheSmokingTire/status/397096554860781568/photo/1? Add your comments and let's make it happen.
  7. I have 2 hood pins already mounted on the lip where the cowl panel meets the hood. I'm not sure where to mount the front 2 pins. I have seen them mounted on the radiator support (a bit higher up), and also more near the front of the hood.
  8. Yup... Took them off. Trying to decide whether to just use 2 hood pins and the hinges, or 4 hood pins and ditch the hinge all together.
  9. I'm leaning towards refurbishing my own steering rack. There is a plastic cap next to the dust boot cover inthe passenger side. I have seen this refered to as a breather cap. Mine is In bad shape and I don't want to remove it without a replacement ready. Is this a plug? Or is it a cover for a grease nipple? If there is no grease nipple there, can I just screw one in? (If so, what size ?) I have read in other forums that there is a screw under the dust cover boot, that you can replace with a grease nipple temporarily. Is this an M7x 1.0, or 0.9? I have seen both sizes
  10. yes, i will do that. First attempt to transfer the pattern to 1/8" Black PVC went ok, but I cracked the sheet when drilling for the window crank. Also, the PVC was not flexible enough to install the trim behind the door pull. I think I will just use the template to cut out door panels in black rubber and be done with it. after that, I will put the template on a black piece of paper and spray paint the pattern onto the paper, then scan it and upload it.
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