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  1. Looks good so far, e-mail me rips@inspire.net.nz about the PM you sent me, Robbie.
  2. I have seen them in 32.5mm comp height (normal for RB30) with a 1mm dome and no valve releifs, pretty sure I can arrange a set. Any partiular reason for wanting only 32mm comp height? E-mail me if you want any more info. Rob
  3. Yep, paypal no problem rns@inspire.net.nz I'm working on a slightly revised design which if all goes to plan will drop the price a little over where it sits now. Rob
  4. What a weekend we've just had at Import Allstars. The track was "reasonable" and we started off gently, 7.91, our first 7 in the FED. During the day I got a little braver although the car was still all over the place, we ran 7.88, 7.81, 7.64 and 7.56, to say we are all over the moon would be an understatement especially as I had to bail early on the 7.56 due to heading for the wall, the mph was low at just 169 (would have expected 180+ on a 7.5) so things are looking very good indeed. The trans behaived itself and it "seems" to be ok now, a few more runs will confirm for sure its all sorted. The crash crew at around 1/2 track were saying I came past them haizing the tyres which was what was causing the drift action from 1/2 track, not a nice feeling but I managed to keep my foot hard up it for at least 2 of the runs. I'm still on the old tyres I got with the car and the track definatly didn't feel as good as last weekends comp meeting but we are learning quite quickly and we are more than happy to have a 7.5 in the bag with just 11 or 12 runs under our belts. Big thanks to all my sponsers and supporters, without you all it wouldn't be possible, Here's a link to some video's and the photographers there said they got some real good shots so no dought they will turn up in a few days, Robbie.
  5. Found another vid of the 8.07. During the burnout, data shows rear wheel speed of 310kph with a 33in tyre, with growth its probably more like 340kph, poor tyres, lol.
  6. We stayed at Hamptons on the Saturday night and saw a bit of racing on Saturday afternoon as we'd been rained off, track looks like its going to be quite chalenging with the drop away corners etc. Man I hope our trans issues are sorted so I can start to wind this thing up, still havn't been over 1.2 bar (18 psi) yet Rob
  7. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/128133-rips-fed-gets-2nd-northern-nationals-claims-nz-record.html
  8. Correct angle is 10 degrees and even in the pix above it looks like adding 3/8 to the exhaust mount wasn't quite enough, might have to go 1/2 to allow for a little squash in the rubber mount. Also keep in mind that the exhaust side lifts under power so even 1/4 in clearance on the rack on the exhaust side is plenty. Or..........after the 3/8 shim is in there, maybe the intake side mount is too long and could be shortened to get the correct engine angle rather than packing the exhaust side even more? Rob
  9. Or..........you could just get a 3-4mm drill and drill into the collar at 9 oclock and 3 oclock just the depth of the collar, then give it a tap with a sharp chisle at 12 oclock and 6 oclock and hey presto, she's out, all in less than a minute or 2 and with no swearing. Rob
  10. Its the same price as always, its a full custom kit with pickup to suit whatever motor you have, extreemly time consuming and high quality, nzd1850 including shipping. We can add breather fittings and/or oil temp sensor boss at no extra charge if required. Several sold to the US and Canada, very positive feedback. Rob
  11. Ive made a few sumps for guys with mckinny mounts and having seen a few pictures it appears the exhaust side mount is too short, several of my customers have had to add a shim under the left side mount to get the motor sitting at the correct angle which then allows the sump to clear the rack correctly. Rob
  12. I'll be very interested to see if they can actually make it fit, I did a RB33 stroker for a very good reason. Time will tell and I wish them the best of luck. Rob
  13. RIPSNZ

    rwd trans

    Only the R33 RB25det's have the bigger 2wd box. Rob
  14. Massive thanks to all my customers, sponsers and supporters, without you all we couldn't have had such a wonderfull year. Here's a quick vid of some of what we've been up to this year: Robbie.
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