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  1. I did the summit alternate heater also. Works great if you just want a heater. I made a frame out of 1 1/2 alum angle and bolted it to the firewall and dash right above the radio. Good luck!
  2. I searched and could not find any information on wiring up an upgraded Honda wiper motor and using a universal 3 position switch. I have the Speedway wiring harness and could not get the stock wiper switch to work so needed an alternative. This worked for my 75 280z. You'll need : 30/40 Amp Relay Inline fuse 30 amp Universal 3 position switch
  3. Need some help trying to wire up a Honda Accord wiper motor without using the column switch. I see a lot about how to wire using the stock wiring but not much on making it work with an separate switch. It’s for my 75 280z. Most of the links I click on cannot be opened or are expired. I’d like to use a 3 way aftermarket switch. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  4. I’m looking for alternate gas tanks for my 75 280z that will use the stock filler. I see some Jeep tanks and camaro gas tanks. Anyone have pictures of their set up? thanks
  5. Looks like that wire is just to show the alternator is charging. I could the solder in a resistor and connect that to a new dash light. Thanks
  6. Need a little help with the signal wire. I see you need to add a resistor but where does it go from there? The harness is from speedway motors. I have the main wire to the starter along with the positive battery cable. Sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find it. thanks
  7. Has anyone tried the hooker cast iron headers? Are there any options other than the Sanderson? I'm using dirty dingo mounts and 700r4 tranny. Thanks
  8. I used a camaro oil pan from Rock auto and pickup tube , wind age tray. Nice low profile. Much cheaper.
  9. Which oil pressure sensor should I use? It's for 4.8 and I'll be running a carb. Will a stock one work to also act as a fuel pump cutoff? I know for a gen 1 small block you use the Chrysler set up.
  10. I have a 240z tank and do not see any ports for fuel in or out. I see all of the vent lines but nothing else. Any idea of what I have and how to make it work?
  11. Ok so now I'm even more confused on which oil pan to use. Putting a 4.8 l and will be going with a 700 r4 tranny. It's going in my 75 280z. Probably JCI mounts unless anyone can suggest a better set up. Looks like there are several oil pan options? F body , GTO, corvette. What's everyone running?
  12. Thanks for all the responses. I have one now
  13. Don't know what happened to the first post.. Anyway need some help finding 27 spline stub axle. Buggered up the threads when changing the bearings. Anybody have a source at a reasonable price? Thanks
  14. Looking for help with dash. Just have the metal frame. Can the full dash cap be placed directly to the metal or do you have to cover over an existing dash?
  15. Thanks haven't heard of that one before
  16. Thanks for the heads up. It was a generous offer,great forum
  17. Thanks for the offer. I'm leaning more to finish the cut out and going with something else. The more I dig into the body I see more rust so I'll be doing allot of cutting and welding so may just go with camaro or something like that. The next big missing item is the dash....
  18. Newbie this forum . Resurrecting a 75 280z and need some help with help with a gas tank. The previous owner started cutting out the spare tire well. It's Pretty rusty also. Choices of repairing and then finding the right tank or continue the cut out and going with a different tank. I've seen so have used a tank from A camaro. Any ideas will be appreciated
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