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  1. Dom has been busy as hell. I put mine up for sale just because I wanted to see if anyone would bite. A guy called me wanting just the shell so I sold the shell to him and started the new toy.
  2. Nope didn't give up. Sold the datsun and bought a mustang. All the goodies from the datsun are now in the mustang.
  3. Don't know what's blown yet but metal in the valve cover and at least 1 dead cylinder.
  4. I'm in burleson about 10 min from kennedale. Once I have a cage a harnesses she will go to the track and once I learn how to drive according to Thezguy. That guy is a **** smuggler by the way......bahahahahaha. I'm down for some racing though next time your up. I'm sure at some point dom will make me give him his hptuners back.
  5. Mine with a 5.3 mild cam and t56 only ran 13.86 before it snapped an axle. The only reason it was so slow is because it was hopping and spinning in every gear.
  6. If it was starving for fuel it would most likely die at wot and no fuel. Domz is using a stock 280z pump with no issues so far.
  7. Lift is large but duration and lsa aren't too bad. Should have a nice lope.
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