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  1. datASSun

    WTT 15x10.5 rims WTB 3 PIECE Spoiler

    I've got the 3 piece wing you want in rough shape.. Let me know if your interested .. What wheels are you trying to get rid of ? A picture really is worth a 1000 words.
  2. Fellow Riley here. I don't see many people with my name much less spelled the correct way. We have to be the only Male Riley's driving LS swapped z cars right ? Anyways car looks soooo sick ! Is that 205 tire enough to hold LS power to the road ?
  3. datASSun

    Stanceworks 260z feature

    So I should mini tub my car after putting a LS in it ? I understand not liking the aesthetics of the fender flares but you understand that a lot of us are forced to use them to fit enough rubber under our v8 swapped Z cars. Right ?
  4. I would be interested in selling mine. Just so I can jump into the Automatic world with both feet and get a 700R4 and maybe help jump start my turbo build. The trans is a T56 from a F-body its been in my s30 z car for a little over a year and a half or so.. The story goes ... I got this transmission out of a close friends totaled LS7 f-body. The LS7 in his car was actually a 441 and made around 875 on a 175 shot to the ground. The previous owner (to him) had the transmission "beefed up" ( I have no idea what they did to "beef it up" so take that for what its worth) I do know that he used this transmission at the drag strip on slicks and had zero issues. I have also had zero issues with the transmission. PM if your interesting. I'd include the bell housing , shifter , clutch , pressure plate , so on so on .
  5. datASSun

    Big Cam Sound

    WOW this L Series makes my Cammed LS look like a bitch. Beautiful engine bay as well.
  6. datASSun

    Back at it....

    Well Carbon Fiber G nose sounds insanely cool but WAY WAY WAY out of my price range. Feel free to shoot me a PM if and when you go to sell the G nose you have.
  7. datASSun

    LS Parts for sale

    LS7 intake manifold for 100 bucks is a steal too bad it has square ports. I'd love to have it.
  8. datASSun

    Back at it....

    Any thoughts about selling that G Nose front end ? It would look pretty good in Texas ..
  9. I've seen the thread that tells you which bolts to buy .. I've email Austin who is suppose to sell the kits. But I never got a call back and am having hell finding 1/4" Nut Inserts for a realistic price. Please let me know what ya'll are doing for mount kits these days .. Thanks Guys !
  10. Nice ! I went a 1.8 60' in a completely stock 280z then put a ls in it and can't get below the 2.0 60' now. SMH .. too much power.
  11. datASSun

    Street Outlaws!!!

    I know that guy. He goes by "whiteboy" he also has a 3rd gen Nova thats beautiful. The datsun has been on the streets for years tho. I actually grew up watching that car at the street races dual bottles and all. The full tube has always been there but new paint and wheels really makes the car look brand new. Runs pretty good to ehh ?
  12. Howdy ya'll. I picked up a R200 LSD with a clutch type LSD in it from a 88 turbo I think.. Was curious if anyone has rebuilt their own diff. It would be even more convenient if you were to live in Austin. I'm not worried about the diff mounting or working on my car I'm confident there . Where I'm scared is taking the diff apart and putting it back together... Any tips tricks pointers ? I've looked but maybe I'm just horrible at searching the forum for info. Can't find anyone who rebuilt they're clutch type lsd... Thanks Z family.
  13. datASSun

    looking for 280z perferbly l28et swapped

    I'll sell you my 5.3 T56 swapped 280z . It's got springs and tokico 5 ways , 6 speed trans , A/c ! , just bought 15x10 bassett wheels that would go with it. I'd take 12k .. Oh and I'm in Texas.
  14. datASSun

    Fastest LS Datsun 1/4 mile

    Mind = Blown.. I figured that thing had a 8.8 in it a long long time ago. I've seen Zfan's car on the street more than a handful of times and it's quick out of the hole. Real quick..
  15. datASSun

    Brake upgrades on sale for January!

    Bump. Not sure if I should go 5 lug or not. do you have the conversion to use CV axles with the 5 lug set up ?