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  1. im coming back to the distributor again. i think the used one i got may also have been faulty. guess im going to have to buy a new one...
  2. i tried yet another used ignitor and coil yet still no spark. could the computer have went out? what is this thing that runs to the back of the distributor?
  3. thanks guys, everyone seems to be pointing back to the ignitor so maybe its possible the used one i got is bad too... i dont know we'll see soon enough
  4. dude ive tried and tested (with an ohm meter) everything i could think of and everything in haynes manual and fsm. i know it has to be simple but i'm running out of ideas. thanks its weird cuz i dont have spark from the coil. tomorrow im going to try and double check the ignitor again. this car is getting the better of me, if its not one thing its another... but i refuse to give up on it. i will restore her to her former glory. i have carpet, dashcap etc waiting for this stupid ignition problem to be solved. sorry i went off on a rant
  5. i have replaced the coil, ignitor and distributor but there is still no spark, any ideas? thanks
  6. yeah i changed out the ignitor and no dice. not only does it have no spark, but the injectors are not pulsing either. so maybe its related to the crank angle sensor/distributor?
  7. i have an 83 280zxt and am having ignition problems. before the car would start run fine, then when it warms up it would die out and i would be unable to restart the car again till it "cooled down". right now the car isnt starting period so my theory is that whatever was shorting out might have now gone out completely. ive searched around and i think my culprit could be the ignitor. i currently cant find my haynes manual so i dont know if it says how to test this component out or not, so do any of you know how to test the ignitor? thanks in advance!
  8. what other stuff did they wan to do, what is outrageuosly expensive?
  9. lol wtf, note to parents: dont let your kid play with or around anything you arent prepared to lose or get broken! kids are kids and they do supid ♥♥♥♥!
  10. will this go onto stock setup?
  11. I am definately going to try this little test when i get back to hell paso!
  12. dude the same exact thing is happening right now to my car! a local z guy said the same exact thing to me, said the distrbutors on these older turbo cars are known to get weak. i also have an 83 280xt. its like when i start up the car when its cold it runs fine idles great when i turn it off i cant start it again until the car cools down or sits for awhile. i was hoping it wasnt a distributor cuz i know they go for a few hundred....
  13. the idea is interesting but that car looks terrible
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