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  1. maybe i missed it? where are you dumping your exhaust?
  2. With the 46" tires and my car being 6" off the ground I would need some loooooooog ass ramps
  3. Oh she will fit alright.. its the getting in and out that is the problem lol
  4. CrayZ

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    That's great news
  5. CrayZ

    Auto meter guage reading backwards

    No one has had this issue?
  6. LOL if i could get it in i swear i would! I drove that thing from Texarkana all the way to Houston.. 7 LONG ass hours
  7. I debated using that phrase but figured it was to clique.. Thanks because i really wanted to
  8. This is actually my second m35a2.. I just like the them. No im not a prepper by an means LOL i just like cool shit. I have a 600 hp 4x4 diesel truck that runs 12's.. a V8 shoved into a datsun 280z and now a big ass millitary truck. If other people don't do it i generally do. They cost the tax payers almost 60k in '87 i picked mine up for $2450 after taxes.. 18k and 650 hrs on the dash. These things are indestructible and head turners. I take it to the beach and pretty much anywhere else i please (see signature) with free storage and a 10 ton crane at my disposal i figure why not.
  9. go big or go home.. Thats what i always say!
  10. CrayZ

    Auto meter guage reading backwards

    not sure how that would be possible as it already comes installed in the cell. there is only one way to install it
  11. Well dave was asking where i have been so i thought id show you guys what i was up to.. Its not a V8 datsun but its still pretty awesome. http://i484.photobucket.com/albums/rr206/texastrini1986/74EF6751-99A2-4C3D-8A24-23DBB5572C09-660-000000540E957F65_zps2ddb949f.jpg http://s484.photobucket.com/user/texastrini1986/media/0B062DB3-A5A8-456F-B3DD-1136E809F744-660-000000543C1BE96C_zpsfe0858f5.mp4.html
  12. I have an autometer phantom guage (0-90ohm) o being empty 90 being full. I also have a RCI 10 gallon fuel cell (0-90ohm) 0 being empty 90 being full. I hooked the guage up properly and im getting reverse readings?? everything is functioning properly except the way the guage is reading. I cant figure out why the hell it is doing this, anyone have this problem? Ive checked the resistance and it is correct.
  13. CrayZ

    My 240 rb26 build

    What other V8 would you be considering? I know alot of people think the LS motors are not "refined" enough but at the end of the day the reliability, availability and relatively large inexpensive aftermarket options make it an option worth considering.
  14. CrayZ

    My 240 rb26 build

    If you sold off all that nice rb stuff you would have plenty for a good LS motor
  15. CrayZ

    78 280Z LS3 Project

    Did you get a chance to run by there this week?